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Fried Nuts


I need to get in some (well, a BIG lot of) quick calories, and preferably not empty cals. I noticed nuts (peanuts or sumthin'...) to be very cheap (peanut butter on the other hand costs a lot). The problem is all I can find is roasted and (some) salted. Would they be a problem?

Oatmeal takes too much time to eat, so unless I find some recipes (which do NOT include protein powder), I won't be able to eat too much.
Many thanks, Vlad.


What are you doing that you can't even take the time to eat? Why don't you want to use protein powder?

One cup of Dry Roasted peanuts has 845 calories: 72.5gr of fat, 34.6gr of protein and 31.4gr of carbohydrates. No one is denying that is a source of calories, but it takes time to eat an entire cup of peanuts. It probably takes more time to eat them than to drink a protein shake.

Why was oatmeal you other alternative anyway? What are your goals? How much do you weigh? How old are you?


Go to a grocery store. Go to the nut aisle. You should be able to find non-salted nuts. Roasted/non-roasted is not really an issue. If you do eat lots of salted nuts, drink a lot of water.

Oatmeal: take raw steel-cut oats. Put in water. Chug. Downing half a cup of oats in this manner should only take about thirty seconds. Granted, it is not a fun half minute.

Eggs: hard-boil a bunch at once (try doing a few dozen at a time). Takes only about 10 minutes. Toss eggs in fridge. To consume: peel shell,open mouth, insert egg, swallow (chew if you have the extra five seconds), repeat for sets of ten.

Extra-virgin olive oil: Take shot glass. Fill with oil. Drink. Repeat.

Professor X Meal: Find puny person that does not eat enough. Rip head off, consume remains. 2-3 a day should be sufficient as between meal snacks. (note: not ripping on X here, I agree with him most of the time)

And give yourself the five minutes necessary to eat your morning oatmeal. Just wake up five minutes early.


I have some oat flakes or something (nothing added, 100%natural). And I chew and chew and chew... I can just put them in water and they will go down easier?????? Well, okay. I will also boil 6 eggs, and eat them in a few hours (if I eat to many too quick I feel a little sick, think because of too much lechitin?)

And some doc told me 100g of olive oil/day wouldn't be a too good idea? Is this true? Well, I'll see about the oil.

And for the professor: remember me? http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=703058
Decided to do something...with everything. Protein powder? Well, I can't afford Grow! (in Romania the monthly allowance is 8$/month), and I don't trust the powders here...even if I would, my parents don't...and any decent protein powder also costs.
Many thanks, Vlad


Oh yeah, the DYNOMITE kid. You are still about the same size, aren't you?


I just added some water to my oats...

I would simply eat the flakes, no water, no milk, no nothing. My salivary glands would get tired. My jwas would get tired. GOD!!!
(You can see I'ne never given a thought to adding water)

I don't know if I chew it well enough etc., but I can certainly get it in MUCH quicker (I also boiled 5 eggs and will finish them until bedtime).
T H A N K Y O U!


Are you a real person?


Sadly,yes. But I want to be 150 by March, and at least 160 by July. Have my word, I'll be. So yes, I hereby give my word. If I don't get to 150 by the 1st of March, I am officially a woosY, metro, weakling, slacker and will never amount to more than a pile of garbage...


You should start reading directions on food packaging.

The fact that there was a human out there eating oats dry and wondering why he couldn't take it down is mind blowing to me.


There are/were NO directions whatsoever on the packaging...and after I once added some water to rye (experimented with different cereals for extra calories), I thought cereals suck with water...now I simply ignore the taste since the oats are so easy to eat (the rye wasn't)...
Well, anyway... LONG LIVE THE OATS!!!


What is your ethinic backgorund? You grew up in a house where you had never ever had Oatmeal made by your mom or someone for you in milk,water or both?


And after looking at your pics, go ahead eat all the nuts you can afford, you need calories throughout the day. Dont fuss about what to eat and what not to eat too much, just plain eat.


Well, oats aren't very popular or known in Romania... I guess.
And no. I didn't use to eat cereal, my mom never tried that. :)) I had some muesli, but I didn't like it (when I was smaller), and I would sometimes eat cornflakes (they sucked with milk). So my oats are now a tasteless porridge, but hey, 1800 calories, and ton of minerals for less than a dolar?

It could taste like shit and I'd still eat it. And not having to chew for half an hour? GOD. Again, OATS RULE.


If you have access to fruit...fresh, frozen, dried...whatever, add it to your oatmeal. You will probably find it easier to eat.


:expressionless: I'm only 146... X(...only 4 pounds gained (as in I was also fluctuating)... And I tried deadlifting yesterday and I had pain in my back walking after that...Yes I know...I suck...
(on a different note...I've been doing military presses consistently for the past month or so...and also improving consistently on them, and my back doesn't hurt)


Have you had a previous back injury? Cause if not,you're doing them wrong. Unless you are being a huge pansy and saying your sore back muscles is a
"pain in your back."


lol, only 8$/day?! wtf is up with that? When I go out to eat, I spend almost that much on a meal or two. Why is romania so crappy? The powders are questionable, you have very little money, and you eat very strangely, and apparently, you guys just aren't very well educated...
/end trolling


The allowance.
And what about the education?
Flaming for being skinny or for not having eaten as much as I should've, ok. But education?


Do Romanian deadlifts!

Sorry, couldn't resist.


Why is Romania so crappy ? Maybe the word though, but its not the most affluent place.

After communism fell in 1989, the country went through 10-12 years of economic instability and had virtually no industry. The place has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe (former Communist Europe) but its still not much like many other European countries like Poland (economy wise) let alone anywhere near Spain or Italy.

As for us in the UK and US and Canada (and the richer European countries), think we take the lifestyle for granted in general.