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'Fried' Chicken Cutlet?


I've been fooling around with almond flour as of late and the other night used a very small amount of olive oil to sort of "fry" a chicken breast dipped in egg and covered in almond flour and seasoning.

Is this something that could become a staple for me or is it something I should avoid while trying to lose fat and get healthier.


If it fits in your macros it should be ok. Cooking in olive oil is certainly better than deep frying in vegetable oil but it may still be pretty high in calories, relatively speaking.

There are a ton of good recipes for baking chicken that compare in taste and texture to fried chicken cutlets.

search things like 'oven fried chicken'


Not really answering your question, but in terms of flourless breading, parmesan cheese works great. Produces a look and texture close to the real thing.

Of course I'm frying them in more than just a little oil.


what he said ^ parmesan cheese with a little bit of thyme is fantastic.


That looks and sounds amazing. I'm going to have to try that.


is this magical american parmesan cheese? when mine gets heated it goes all gooey...

i've been contemplating trying almond to make a crumb lately. good to know this works.


What you're likely buying is Parmigiano-Reggiano, the authentic stuff out of a specific region of Italy.

In the US and Canada, Parmesan Cheese =/= Parmigiano-Reggiano. Parmesan cheese is a cheaper but still delicious imitation product generally sold grated in plastic tubs.


Another good recipe for "crispy" chicken that isn't loaded with calories is blackened chicken.


I buy the spice mix at the grocery store.


Just man up and do it the right way.

In all seriousness though, that parmesan breaded chicken looks dope. I'm trying that out.


For those trying out the parmesan coated chicken:

You can't fully cook a full breast before the outside coating starts to burn. What I did in the pic above was deep fry them until they turned golden brown, and then finished it in the oven for ~10min.

If you're willing to cut it up into very small chunks, you can get away with only frying them.


not true! ^ you've got to pound the chicken to flatten it slightly, then put a thin layer of olive oil on the bottom of a pan, cook at medium-high heat, i find between 8-10min per side does the trick.

1.5 cups parmesan, the FRESHLY grated kind, or buy a block and grate it yourself.
1 tsp thyme

combine those two ingredients in a shallow dish

crack and beat an egg, dip the pounded breasts into the egg, let extra run off, press chicken into thyme/cheese to thoroughly coat.
then cook like i said above. just did this yesterday, so i know it works!


Damn that looks good bro. I love fried chicken just a little fatty to eat it to often.


Just made your parmesan fried chicken, came out perfect and tastes awesome. Definitely adding it to my list of recipes.


I sometimes use coconut flour dredged in plain Greek yogurt with garlic and whatever spices than I bake it with a drizzle of honey and its sooooooo good! especially with wings.


you can also try oven fry. I use it alot on pork chops too. It gives you the crunchy outside and is baked so it avoids the oil.


That sounds really good and gotta love chicken think I am going to have the wife make some up tonight.