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Friday-Saturday-Sunday Split


Apologies in advance if this has already been discussed. I am wondering if anyone has successfully executed a Friday PM / Saturday / Sunday routine. As someone who spends most of their waking hours at the office during the week, it would be intriguing to hear about others in similar situations that continued lifting consistently. If you are in a similar situation and continued lifting effectively, please be as detailed as possible with your routine AND diet. Thanks in advance for any assistance.





conditioning/mobility work on off days if possible

repeat next Friday

it isn't complicated...




Both work just depends on what you like better


so you absolutely can't hit the gym the other days? so do you not work on fridays or something?


I am not sure how detailed I could get given that I don't know you and I have never done a routine like this but...

If you were my client I might try something like this:
Friday: Chest/Back/Abs
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: shoulders and arms

I would do 3 or 4 triplexes for day 1 (i.e. chest movement/back movement/abs for 3 to 5 sets)
For legs I would do as many as 5 or 6 different movements for quads and hamstrings/glutes (both quad and hip dominant patterns)
For shoulders I would probably start with some type of olympic lift like db cleans/snatches or hang/full barbell cleans/snatches, high pulls etc. for about 3 to 5 sets and then work into triplexes of a shoulder/biceps/triceps for 3 or 4 different groupings.

If at all possible I would ad in a whole body conditioning or strength routine (or both if you can make the time for it) during the week.

I can get into more detail if you think that would work for you. As far as diet I wouldn't over think it in that I am not sure what difference it would make from any other routine unless you are super advanced and you need to sweat really small stuff to even make progress.


I would do this
Friday: Squat or dead, GRH, Leg ext, Leg curl
Saturday: Bench, DB incline, Dips, military, pushups
Sunday: cleans or snatch, Pullups, bent over rows, Lat rows, curls

Then wake up 20 minutes earlier the other 4 days and do pushups and situps at home.

Right now my routine goes like this

Tuesday: Bench, CG bench, Guillotine Bench, Dips, pullups, lat rows curls
Friday: Snatch, Deads, Pullups, Lat Rows, GHR, Curls
Saturday: Bench, Pin presses, Dips, Pushups

and I do pushups and situps at home the other 4 days.


You should beat up the bw exercises during the week


I do not do this now, but at some point in the future my schedule will become restricted because of my career choice, so I have put some thought into it.

In your situation I would simply workout twice each day. Something like this: friday - A.M. chest and triceps, P.M. shoulders and traps, saturday - A.M. back, P.M. biceps and forearms, sunday - A.M. quads and abs, P.M. hamstrings and calves

Just what I would do to make the most of that situation. Still wouldn't be "optimal" (for me), but it's a hell of a lot better than only training 2.5-3hours on the weekends and then doing nothing during the week. If you have only half the days to train, you'd better double the time you spend with them in my opinion.


No chance of going in your lunch break? Sessions will be short obviously...