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Friday Night!




My baby just puked on my shirt. I actually think its cute at this point. She smiles like nothing happened....I clean up....then read to her....as her mom strums the 6 and lights candles.

it is, in fact....a good night





My friday night tonight = play video games, try not to think about water. I have a meet tomorrow so I'm about to eat an entire lemon.


Just finished watching my Warriors whoop some Jazz booty. 4-0 at home to start the season :slight_smile:


Yep. Friday night.

Just out of curiosity, how much do you guys pay for your baby sitters?

Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm one of the few men on earth who gets divorced and then has less freedom.


Worth it!




Stayed home, slept, got up for work this morning. Only two more weeks until I say goodbye to this job.


hell yeah so was i!


Went to a party for my Friday night...good times

woke up to go to work and discover in the 6 hours I'd left it my car's been broken in to and have to call work and tell them I'm not coming in because I have to wait for the police to check it out ... Not good times!!!


Same thing I did, wife worked late so it was Fallout Vegas until midnight. What kind of meet? Just curious.


Wife volunteered at a local theater company. My son and I stayed home and watched Jim Breuer on Comedy Central, then watched the film Rock Star.


Rockula I think you should know...

Your wife was on my wood like a hungry beaver, she said she staying home with a bad fever bro don't believe her. She was on top and I was underneath her...


helll yea warriors! Ellis is killing it! Only loss was against the lakers...


Is the fool trying to battle me, T-Nation?


Yeah, I'll take a loss to the lakers in LA any day and not feel bad. Monta is beasting, but so is the whole team. Finally playing as a unit. PLAYOFFS?! I think so!!!


This topic just made me think about my old Friday nights when I was in junior high or around that time.

We always had fish for dinner, then I'd watch The Next Generation, then read until 20/20 came on, which my parents and I would watch together. Then my dad would watch "Austin City Limits"...I think I'd read while he watched that...then we'd watch Johnny Carson.

Sorry that it's TV oriented, sounds silly to have fond memories watching TV with ma and pa, but I do.

Here's a website where you can enter two dates and it will tell you the amount of time between those two dates. It'll tell you how many seconds even. I like the weeks as you can see how many Fridays you have had or Saturday nights etc.

I've had about 1150 Fridays since those days. Sigh.



I cant wait to graduate next winter so I can get a REAL job where I dont work weekends. Would be so tits.


^ What is your degree going to be in Token?


Many real jobs require working weekends and holidays. Then there's on-call when you have no idea when a job might come in.