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Frickin' Good Calf Workout

Today I did standing calf raises with barbell 2 straight sets of 12 reps. After that I did 3 sets of seated calf raises with forced reps and drop sets. It burned my muscles like never before! What are your ways to train those muscles which don’t indeed grow very easily?

Check out the Luke Sauder calf routine on T-Nation. That is a good one. I think Coack Poliquin developed it. Also, GVT - 10x10 standing calf raises in the (gasp!) Smith machine.

Wow, yes.

I just checked out that Luke Sauder calf workout by Poliquin. It looks incredible. Also, you may want to search for Diamonds in the Rough by John Romaniello. I haven’t tried either, but on paper they look really effective.

Also, I was wondering, I don’t have a lifting partner and the Sauder workout calls for Donkey Calf Raises. Anyone have any ideas on a good substitution for this? Would using a pull-up/dip weight belt work for this?

Engerland66, yes I did the donkey calf raises with the weight hanging on a dipping belt. It seemed to work well.

Thanks for the info.

Poliquin also mentions one legged dumbbell calf raises as good substitutes, too. FYI.

Another article to look at called “Functionally Correct Calfs.” In general, it has you rotating two routines everyother day of calf work consisting of seated, standing, and donkey calf raises for one routine. The other consists of some plyometeric(sp?) work .