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Freshman Fat Ass Needs Help


As I said I am 18 years old. I am a Freshman at Ole Miss and I need help.

I am 5'9" 190. I am not sure about body fat but its much higher than what I want but hell we all have to start somewhere. That is what I am wanting to do... START... I am not looking for somebody to do it for me or to give me some miracle cure or supplement cause I know that when its balls to the wall it all depends on busting your ass in the gym and what I put in my body.
I am just looking for advice and help toward going into the right direction.

Bench- 225x4-5
squat- 315x4
Deadlift- 335x3

Monday-chest calves abs
Tuesday-back calves
wednesday- shoulders abs calves
thursday-legs calves
friday-bi's tri's abs

Average Eating Day
Wake up- Protein shake 24g
Breakfast- 5 Eggs, 4 slices turkey bacon, Whole wheat bagle w/ cream cheese, fish oil
protein shake (24g) can tuna
lunch- 3 eggs, can of tuna or salmon, turkey sandwich, fish oil
Preworkout-protein shake 24g, apple or banana, BCAAs Creatine
Postworkout-Protein 24g, BCAAS, Creatine, gatorade
Supper- Salad w/ chicken (lowfat balsamic dressing), mixed vegetables, Whole chicken breast, fish oil
Before bed- 2-4 tbs cottage cheese on crackers, protein 24g

I am not new to the gym but I am knew to eating right and not being an arrogant ass teenager that knows every fucking thing there is too know.
I am just asking for help/criticism?

Thanks, JohnDylan








last one


If you are serious about this, first calculate your caloric intake and macro breakdown using Fitday and get a small scale to weight things like meats and oils. It's hard to tell you what to change you we don't know the quantities you eat.

Then get you workout nutrition in order. An apple or banana and Gatorade is hardly good for carbs in terms of quality AND quantity wise.

Oh and man that's a lot of calves right there, give the poor guys some rest. If you work them properly, I can pretty much guaranty that you will not want to train them again the day after.
my two cents for now


I am serious about this, finally.
What type things should I be eating pre/post workout?
Can I get a small scale at like wal-mart or Kroger?



Best bet is make a diet log, if you are, then you already know what your doing.

Follow Nyrals advice, and, you'll lose weight. It's not rocket science >_>

In fact, when I first started making a diet log, I forced my mom to make me healthy food (except she still makes me sandwiches for school >_> oh well, I'm still a fattie anyway)

So pretty much, my only carb sources are from fruit, except for gay bread.

Don't eat any shit like organic bread/whole grain... any bread shit. Processes as a simple carbohydrate, so it's basically sugar for your body.

And Macronutrition is based on three groups: Carbs, Fat and Protein

Balancing between the three is key typically if your losing weight specifically, I'd lower carb intake to 20%, and 40%/40% between Fat and Protein.

NOTE: Macronutrition is based on caloric value NOT grams, so fat has 9 calories and protein has 4 calories etc. etc. balance it through that.

Hope I help dude, good luck :slight_smile:


I wouldn't consider you a fat ass. Also I don't think this belongs in the beginner forum. if your squat is 10lb less than your DL, I would say you need to go deeper on them (below parallel). Good luck!!!!


Thanks CCJ you did help. I am not sure that I am understanding it all yet but I am learning. I am still doing research on this site to find things I need to know and how to go about it. I just set up an account on Fitday so hopefully I will be able to see what exactly my diet is like. I am still learning alot as you can tell but I'm serious about this and determined!

My bad elano, I wasnt sure where it needed to go? Thanks for the advice anyway!



ahh so your a complete beginner for nutrition lol XD I'll explain everything later
on my itouch right now :stuck_out_tongue:

my mom sent me to bed wah lmao, I'm such a kid

what I told was more advanced stuff XD don't worry about macros just yet

forget everything I said you gottA learn from the beginning best way to learn

I'll tell you everything later:)


Thanks CCJ for taking the time.
Ill be waiting for your info!
Thanks again.


those calves are really a sonuva bitch

You never really tell us your exact focus for training, but ill go ahead and assume you wanna lose some fat.

Cuz you're a fat ass :slight_smile:

In that case, I'd look at the parameter of your workouts. Rather than a split body routine, you should consider a total body routine. Such as the ones advocated by cosgrove or Waterbury. That way you can incorporate sprints, complexes, compound sets, oly lifts, and HIIT.

Your diet is actually pretty tight, if you are, indeed, following it. I couldn't prescribe anything much better for a college student to follow.

Judging by your pictures, you look to have a solid base/foundation to work off of. I say 2 months of strict dieting and following the TBT routine will give you radical results.


Sorry about that rival. My focus is to lose some fat but I not really concerned with having a fully visible six pack. I want to make gradual gains of lean muscle and get rid of some of this bf.

I am following it... now... I have just now begun to be strict about a diet and eating healthy things.
I am putting together a food log on Fitday now of what I am eating. I will post it soon.

I know I have very much to learn... Thanks for the advice!




For the most part ALL of these articles will be of use. However, I reccomend reading this: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/the_ffb_handbook

This technique is for maintenance, and, following a FFB diet will strictly put you back on track :smiley:

So read this after reading some articles:
Now I know you already know THE basic part of losing WEIGHT (not fat) caloric defecit (eat less calories then you burn).

NOW, this doesn't necesarily induce aesthetic weight loss, losing fat must be an efficient pursuit, and, keeping protein in your diet constantly is an obvious must.

The harder part of losing weight smart is not fat intake (although clearly keep it relatively moderate and healthy) but, rather carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are considered your fuel source, although literally it is not "needed" it is better to have some atleast. So in a relative sense, carbohydrates should only be eaten at times when physical workout is induced (typically a 30-40 minutes pre/post workouts and breakfast) or when catabolism is suspected (after sleep, so breakfast too).

So reading this should help know GOOD sources :), you don't need to buy supplements, and, I don't buy them either, but, I'm sure they help helluva a lot, but, nutrition should be intact before supplements.

Anyway read this: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/high_performance_nutrition_made_easy

and after that, you should use macros to find out what to get


I read many of the articles and the two specific ones that you mentioned...
I came to the conclusion that I need roughly 285-300g protein, Carbs-100g(Eaten only in morning and preworkout besides carbs from vegetables(free foods), fat-100-150g(Healthy fats).
I am keeping up with my daily totals on Fitday right now... I will post todays totals tonight to see if I am even close to the numbers I posted above if they are,in fact, correct?

So I need to first get shredded before I do the CLEAN bulk?

Thanks for the advice, It is really helping me along.


Awesome Avatar RiVaL6


Here are my daily totals
cal- 2,110 fat-73.7 carb-29.5(I am trying to lose bf but is this too few carbs? This is not counting the carbs from an apple and 2 cups of salad?) protein-291.4.

Am I anywhere close to where I need to be or do I need to raise/lower anything?


JD, you don't look fat now. But as already mentioned, you've got some decent size and strength, so cut should yield good results (=hawt abz).

Are those you targets?, or what you think you're eating now? Because eyeballing it, it seems like your sample menu would add up to more cals (btw add up the 'net' carbs in the apple, carbs - fiber)


Ok I will add in the fibers and carbs and I did not eat the same thing that I posted in my first post because I am trying to cut...
My goal is to get shredded and get rid of this unwanted bf then add lean muscle that's why I cut out so many carbs from my original diet... I just don't know if it's too few carbs/ calories now because I don't want to sacrafice too much muscle.

I'm trying to see how my body responds to the drop in carbs/ cals... But is this the appropriate thing to do or do I need to go about this in a different way?