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freshman 15

Hi, I’m looking for some tips on fat loss, specifically in my diet. Basically whats happened is that I’ve gained the freshman 15, and I’m having trouble getting it off. I’m female, and about a year ago I was at a steady weight of 120, and now I’m at 135 and climbing.

My workouts consist of MTRF 5 sets, 5 reps of heavy weights for 3 lifts and 30 minutes of running. WS are interval runs with combination of bodyweight exercises and jumping rope. S is off, or a light run.

I probably don’t have the most ideal diet because of my meal plan here at school, but theoretically it goes like this: 2 eggs and fruit at 9 after i workout, chicken salad 3 hrs later, banana 3 hrs later, turkey sandwich and veggies 3 hrs later. Now it has been known to happen that I go on a cookie binge, or munch on snacks after dinner, but generally thats what Ive been sticking to for a few months.

So I feel like my workouts are going well, and my diet stays consistent for the most part, so what am I doing wrong that is making me continue to gain weight? I guess I should be more specific, my real motives are to be able to fit in my old clothes, or lose body fat, not necessarily lose weight. Thanks for any advice.

Well katobie, I’m glad you decided to post. This site can be a bit intimidating to a girl just getting started. How did you stumble onto us?

First, you have to ask yourself what has changed between your current state of condition, and the condition you were in when you were comfortable with yourself. Obviously something changed to gain 15lbs in less than a year.

Being in college myself, I would guess that drinking has played a part. Of course that is purely speculation on my part.

Also, the cookie binges - need to cut that shit out.

You didn’t mention anything about alcohol…that’s usually the culprit.

forgive me if you don’t drink…otherwise, you have choices to make.

Best of luck

Paging Tampa Terry. To the Forum STAT.


I think you should find a big strong man to show you some things about diet and training. Oh wait…

Thanks for replying, just wanted to say I don’t drink or anything like that. As far as things that have changed–first semester here I definitely ate more than I had at home, but since winter break I’ve cut back to the diet I said in the original post. (but I have gained about 5-7 lbs. since xmas break??) I work out a lot harder now that I have access to a gym. Other than that, I just have missed the warm FL weather (I’m from orlando). Thanks

A Few Questions.

Started/changed Birth Control?

When do you get up? What do you eat for breakfast? (You only mentioned post workout food)

How often are you eating, including snacks?

If you are having binges in the evening, it is because you are not properly feeding your body thoughout the beginning half of your day.

What excercises are you doing in the gym? How much lower body exercise are you doing? Do you do any HIIT?

maybe your just not a kid anymore and its easier to put on weight!
i would suggest evening out your protein intake over the day (try to include P in each meal). this may help with the ocassional binges.
also aim to improve you performance when doing cardio, dont just cruise, try to set PR’s.


No, I’m not on birth control.

I get up at 7.30 and eat breakfast at around 9.30 which consists of 2 eggs and 2 slices of honeydew, canteloupe, and watermelon, each. I eat every 3 hrs after that until 6, which is my last meal. (but I usually end up having some sort of snack like peanuts after that). I probably have little snacks more than i realize, like tonight after dinner I had cheese and crackers at work.

As far as exercises, all lifts are 5x5, and M: squats & good mornings & weighted incline sit ups & 30 mins cardio; T: bench & bend over rows & weighted incline sit ups & 30 mins cardio; W and S run 1:30, spring :30 for 2 miles and bodyweight exercises and 15 mins of jumping rope; R: lunges & OH press & weighted incline sit ups & 30 mins cardio; F: DL & pull ups & weighted incline sit ups & 30 mins cardio. S off.

Thanks for your time.

Your workout seems better that 99% of the women at my gym. You are obviously in to working out intensely, which is awesome.

You may have gained a few pounds of muscle since high school. Do you know your BF% or can you tell us how your clothes are fitting, etc.

There are some incredible people on this board that can help you fine tune your exercise and diet, so I will leave that to them, but I just want to say great work and good luck!

A few tips for preventing binges:

  1. Increase protein intake. Preferably through solid foods.

  2. Try 5-HTP at 100mg/day.

  3. Eat a meal after 6pm so you don’t get too hungry and binge late at night.

Your training program looks pretty sound ont the surface and if you stick to it, I have no doubt that you’ll make good progress.


Also, try not to worry about your weight.

Use the mirror to judge your progress. And if you have a reliable person who can do skin caliper tests on you frequently, then you can use that as well.


Squats and good mornings and deadlifts! Oh My!!

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Out of the entire post and all of your replies the only bad thing I found was the cookies. So like was said earlier in the replys eat something else after your 6pm meal so you don’t binge later on. Upping the protien was also said and this help to kill the cravings as well. Possibly find a good tasting chocolate cassinate protien shake to mix and drink down before bed to replace the cookies.
And then once you get your problems handled you can come back to O-town and talk my girl into working out and taking care of herself like you do.

Merlin- You’d have to go through me first!

Katobie is my girlfriend, and it has taken “some”(sarcasm intended) convincing to get her to post on the forum.

I am the one who designed her training program and showed her how to do the lifts, and I am slowly making some headway in the area of nutrition.

The basic problems of college life are, in my opinion, what is holding her back (i.e. school, work, crappy meal plan), not any lack of desire or will power. (do I get bonus points for saying that?)


You are setting hearts a-flutter here with your serious approach to lifting. Keep in mind that college cafeterias serve–for the sake of convenience and cost–a lot of pasta, potatoes, and bread. You sound savvy enough that you probably know to avoid these–I think carbs like these (and pizza crust) contribute more to that “Freshman 15” than anything else)–but I thought I’d bring it up. Even if you are getting your carbs just from fruits and vegetables, perhaps replacing some of those calories with protein would help.

Welcome to the board.

I have the answers you’re looking for, PM for details.


Jeff- Thanks a lot, my boyfriend has been making my programs for a couple of years now, so I owe it to him (sorry Merlin!). Unfortunately, I dont know my BF%, but I can tell you that my waist has stayed the same, I just got some bodonkadonk if ya know what im sayin. “what is bodonkadonk?”

Thanks for the tips Machine, and sorry for having to ask this, but what is 5-HTP at 100 mg/day?

Other than that, it sounds like I need to try and eat more protein during the day so I dont get too hungry later on at night. Thanks so much for responding, everyone.

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