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Another Drug-Plagued Sport
by Buck Turgidson

Wonder how many morons out there will send us nasty letters because they don’t get the satire?

The Education of a Powerlifter
by Dave Tate

It’s story time, kiddies! Gather around as Uncle Tate spins a yarn about attitude and iron. (Just don’t pull his finger.)

'Roid Rebuttal
by Cy Wilson

Cy takes on the pencilnecks from ESPN. My money’s on Cy-Borg.

The Warrior Nerd: Die, Vegetarian, Die!
by Dr. Lonnie Lowery

Save the animals. Eat a vegan.

The “Imperfect” Training Program
by Keats Snideman

Lift with your eyes closed. Put more weight on one side of the bar. Get a training partner to push you around when lifting. Is this guy nuts or is he on to something?

News and Reader Mail

Arnold pics, dirty duckies, a T-shirt contest, drug dealing pro-bodybuilders and your nutty letters!

Nice article by Cy.

It would be great if one of cnn, msnbc or one of these news programs interviewed Cy or one you guys for a different perspective on the issue. Instead of throwing out blanket statements and reciting dogma, you could come armed to the teeth with factual information. That would truly make my day.

We’ve done that, 3xkrazy, with a dozen different magazines and newspapers. I once interviewed, on camera, for four hours with HBO’s Real Sports. What made it on the air? About 30 seconds worth, none of it using my factual statements about steroids and prohormones.

We may be working with HBO again soon though. Been in talks all week. We’ll see what they let on this time. At least we can try to give the media the truth. Whether they use it or not is up to them and their agendas.

Man sometimes i think you make up the the “weird ass letter of the week”. This particular decabex one was too weird to be true.

Anyway when are the t-jack forums actaully going to be up?

Yeah, I remember you mentioning that whole Real Sports thing. Its weird, you would think at this point that a news agency that comes at it from a whole different approach, one that would take a totally opposite stance from everyone else would garner a whole lot of attention and publicity…which would somehow equate to money down the line.

Anyways, keep tryin!

that intro is hilarious!

Great stuff from Cy as usual. Nice work!

I am a little later here than usual, but, great work again guys. Keep em coming.