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Fresh Start

well, time to bare my soul to some random people on the interent. im looking to try and start again, in every aspect in my life, but mainly beefing up.

short back story of it all:
was clinically depressed for the last 6 months -1 year, but only started reciving treatment now. during this time i lost the girl that i love who i was going out with for 2 years, alot of friends. my room was my world and the outside could just pass me by.

for the past few weeks, its been hard to face reality, but everything starts with a first step. i used to be into bodybuilding, but i havent trained in about 6 months. genes have been kind to me, i have stayed in the same shape and weight.

it is the back to square one with everything that i need advice on, im pretty much starting again with life.

some of my friends talk to me, the lady however does not and is currently going out with a new guy 1 month after the break. that is partially the hardest part, the apathy towards me and the polar opposite guy that she is with, but there is nothing i can do.

ive revealed all, im just asking for tips as you would to an innocent sibling?

thank you who ever reads and responds

Well, you decided to start again. There’s not much to say except “Good Luck”. Life tends to be hard, but you just have to get through it.

Well done mate. You’re progressing. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It must be tough having the girl leave but use that as motivation in life in the gym and wherever. Make yourself a better person.

The people that love you will still be there for you. You’re true friends and family. I listened to some Tony RObbins ages ago and that helped me cheer myself up to no end.

I don’t know who said this quote, but I love it, “Imagine what you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail”.

Keep strong buddy.

I’m guessing you’re fairly young, because with time and life experience, women coming in and out of your life will become less traumatic.

If you are a social butterfly, go out and get some new friends. There is nothing better than hanging out and conversing with people that share your passions, be it weightlifting or stamp collecting. I can’t really think of a better way to spend an afternoon or evening than hanging out, drinking some beer, and talking about music, motorcycles, or lifting with my friends that enjoy those activities as well.