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Fresh Start After Injury

I injured my lower back 7 months ago, have had forearm tendonits for the past few months which has kept me from benching, and had a surgery a year ago that has kept me from squatting since then. I’ve only been training for 2 years, got my body weight up from 139 to 225 (now 210) and got my press up to 145, bench press up to a 1RM equivelant of 285, deadlift 405, and squat was a year ago but that was 250 for a triple.

I’ve been training around my injuries as of late with non barebll movements but I have a plan. WHen my back is healed and I"m good to go, would running starting strength through the novice then into intermediate stages be a good idea? Basically linear periodization without much assistance work. Would I lose muscle mass by backing off the assistance work while I build up my lifts though?

Lastly would eating a ton like starting strength be beneficial to strength gains, since I’m already 210 and have the muscle memory for my previous lifts?