Fresh Program

I am about to start the Waterbury Method with the goal of putting on some muscle and strength. Here is my plan:

Monday- lift
Tuesday-20min swimming
Thursday-20min swimming and abs

I am doing the swimming mainly because I am training my roomate who wants to lose weight, so I’m kinda walking him through it. If I eat enough it shouldn’t be a problem.

At 5’9" 170 lbs, my diet will look like this:

6 whites 3 yolks
1.5 cups oatmeal with milk

Low Carb Peanut Butter cup Bliss (QMD)
770cal 85g


Low Fat fruit smoothie (Quality Mass Diet) 800cal 70g

8oz chicken breast
1 serving frozen vegetables
1 T olive oil

12 oz lean steak
1c brown rice
salad with 2T olive oil dressing

2 servings casein protein

I estimate its around 3500 cals which is about what I estimate needing, but it might be more on second thought. I’m going for muscle gains, not just mass at all costs. Let me know if this looks good. Thanks for your time.

You know what…I’m not exactly sure I know what your question is. You’re looking to gain “some muscle and strength” and are wondering, what, if you’re eating enough?

How long have you been following this program? I’d say stick with it as is for 2 weeks. If you’re losing strength or size, bump up your calories. If you’re gaining appropriately, keep it as is.

I agree that the swimming probably isn’t making that big a dent into your daily energy, unless it’s 20 minutes of balls-out swimming, in which case, treat it like a normal workout and recover accordingly.

Haha, I was pretty much just seeing if the program looked reasonable to someone else. I’ve seen a lot of guys post programs that get shredded for reasons they hadn’t thought of. I’m glad mine ain’t that bad. Thanks.