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Fresh Meat, New Cycle to Critique


Hi Guys,
I'd like your opinion on my plans for a second cycle.

Here are my stats

Height: 5'10
Weight: 185lbs
BF: around 20%
Training: 5yrs
Goal: To add 15lbs lean muscle mass

W1-12: (Drostonolone Enanthate} 400mg/w pin 2xw
W1-10: {Sustanon 250} 750mg/w pin EOD
W10-12: {Test Prop} 400mg/w pin EOD
W3-10:(HCG) 250iu 3xw
W12-16: {Nolva} 40/40 / 20/20 /D

Is the time frame for my hcg appropriate or should it be closer to the end of my cycle?

Thanks for your time,



The masteron will still be in your blood while you are running pct
People typically run hcg up until the beginning of pct and pin it 2x weekly
No AI during your cycle?


get your BF lower first


HCG 500iu/wk starting around week 3 or 4, whatever you want, run until the start of PCT.

Also, just because you switch from test e to test p for weeks 10-12 doesn't mean that the enanthate attached to your drostonolone isn't going to keep you shut down for two weeks after its last injection.... are you sure this is drostonolone enanthate and not propionate? If it is enanthate, you might as well run testosterone enanthate up until week 12 as well.

Either way, you have no need for masteron. 20% BF is really high and masteron won't give you the "hard" look you read that it will give you unless you're at least below 10% (if not more like 7 or 8). So I'd say lose some weight naturally or do a test e only cycle and cut.


the bf % was just a guesse .i got like a 4 pack and just a little ponch on the bottom.no fat anywhere else.what if i switch to masteron p from week 10-12 and hcg from week 4-12?.and i figured nolva on hand would be enough for this cycle?i have some liquid arimidex from last season i could use if you guys think its nessesary,maybe 0.5ml eod from w/1-12?


Sure to the drostanolone p. and yes .5mg EOD arimidex. and yes hcg 4-12


sounds good to me.thanx alot bro