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Newby here, I have research many websites, articles, and friends concerning my first cycle. My concerns are as follows. I will be 38yrs old, 6’ and 218-220lbs and about 20% BF uring the winter months. I have been lifting seriously for about 3yrs and I have made some noticable progress in mass and strength. However, I am not where I want to be. My entire family is large/overweight. I am not. This is because of my lifestyle. I live in the gym 5-7 days per wk. Cardio 5/wk of which 3 are HIC. I try not to work the same primary muscle group more than twice in one week. Sometimes, I over train. My body is used to this kind of punishment. 12 yrs in the Infantry. My stats: Leg press 810, bench 315, leg extension 405. I would like to gain apprx. 20-30 LBM and cut my BF to 10%.

Here’s the plan.

Sustanon 250 250mg/wk wks 1-8
Methandrostenlone 25mg/da wks 1-5
Nandrolone Decanate 100-400/wk wks 1-8
Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg/da wks 2-8
Clomiphene Citrate 25-50/da wks 4-8

Don’t worry about my feeling’s. The military showed me where sympathy was. It’s between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. I would apprciate your guidance and experience on this matter.

Leg press 818? Leg Ext. 405? HAHAHAH Tears are streaming down my face.

that would be a good cycle if you increased the test dosage to at least 500mg per week. at the current dose youll have a limp dong for sure. personally i would never use deca because of that reason. i would replace the deca with 400mg of eq per week. or tren at 75mg ed.

test 500mg/wk
eq 400mg/wk
d-bol 25mg/day.

Have you read the Steroid Newbie Thread?

What is your PCT plan? I assume you will be cutting? Your goals are good but unrealistic for one 8 week cycle.

OK, for your first cycle, use a base of test that is at least 500mg
(maybe up to 750mg). Then add your deca if you want, at least 200mg (maybe up to 400mg). The dbol is the icing on the cake (I’d recommend between 10 and 30mg/day)! You will grow with 500 test, 200 deca, and 20mg dbol/day. That would be a prime first timer cycle.

A cycle like what you are talking will give you much less gains than one based around test rather than deca.

Test will make you grow, that’s all there is to it. Deca can work synergistically with the test, but make no mistake, test should be the main drug. Dbol is great for strength and pumps as well as kickstarting the cycle before you see the true value of your long-lasting injectables.

Don’t worry about side effects, just take your Nolvadex (start at between 10-20mg/day and move up as needed). If you’re worried about acne, wash your face more often. Gyno/Bloat can be handled by increasing Nolva.

I’d limit it to 6-8 weeks.

Don’t forget about Post cycle recovery.
Save your clomid for this, take Nolva during and up to 3 weeks after (ie./ for an 8 week cycle take Nolva for weeks 1-11).

Clomid will get your natural test production going, start this therapy at roughly 3 weeks after your last injection (ie./ weeks 11-14).
Clomid at 300 1st day, 100 2nd day, and 50 for 3-4 weeks following.

They’ve given good advice. Here’s some more: leave the leg press machine alone, it doesn’t impress anyone. Squat. In a rack. Not the Smith Machine. Ass to the grass.

i didnt know they made leg extension machines with 400lbs on them.

he must be reffering to deads or something else. he is not doing leg extensions for 405. that must be a typo. and merlin gave you some good advice. use the leg press machine to supplement your leg workouts. there is no beating old fashioned barbell squats for a great all around primary leg exercise. hell, squats are great for the entire body really. as for you cycle. the bro’s above gave you some good advice. i would basically double everything. the best first cycle i can think of would be something like test/tren/dbol. something like 600/75/35mgs. great strength and mass cycle. make sure you get this one right. the first is always the best.