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Frequently Asked Questions to CT


So, I along with most people (especially CT-I assume) am sick of people asking THE SAME DAMNED QUESTIONS on every page of his threads. Since some people refuse to read through the entire thread, here are some compiled responses with the frequently asked questions. Feel free to add more!!!


Therizza wrote:

  1. I actually do not recommend post-workout carbs anymore. Catecholamines released during the training session reduces the response to insulin. So post-workout carbs are not super effective... not moreso than only post-workout protein.

  2. I now recommend carbs PRE workout. This way you get your insulin spike to start loading up on aminos then you switch to a non-insulin mediated amino acid transport during the workout (muscle contraction is needed for this). This is the best way to get as much aminos as possible into the muscle, and thus to stimulate as much growth as possible.


07-03-2009, 08:02 AM-Questions about Para workout Nutrition

The best protocol, the official one, will be:

-90 Alpha-GPC
-45 2 FINiBARs
-30 2 scoops Surge Workout Fuel
-15 2 scoops Surge Recovery
during the workout 2 scoops Anaconda
60 minutes after the workout 20g casein hydrolysate

The minimal protocol is 1 of everything instead of 2 and the heavy loading is 3 instead of 2


PULSING QUOTE 6/4/09- 7PM QPWN thread

  1. The effectiveness of a pulse is highly dependant on the speed of absorption of the protein used. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, Casein hydrolysate would be a 10, whey hydrolysate would be an 8, whey isolate or concentrate would be a 5 or a 6, soy protein would be a 4, egg protein would be a 3 or a 4, miscellar casein would be a 2, sodium caseinate would be a 1.


NewDamage wrote: 7.24.09 7am Pulsing Thread
Quick question CT -

No they are not. Not fast enough, but especally they don't have all the amino acids included.


An attempt to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time:

****This was going to be his next test according to his post So its an IDEA NOT something he is recommending!! But I have seen MANY posts on trying to gain muscle while losing fat using the protocol so I thought I would post it anyways*********


Suggestion: quote either the question or the answer to each in order to make reading it all a little less of a headache.

Also, keeping all the Training questions together and all the Fat Loss questions together (and so on) would make it a little easier to sift through.

Good idea, though.


Nice thread, def needed.


Can't believe this hasn't been stickied yet. OP, you should post recent update on your first post, otherwise it could get as long as CT's other threads


quickthinkin, do u have the original post for his IDEA? im trying to save and bookmark all the posts i constantly look up since i seem to lose them since there's so much info. thanks


Everyone is still asking the same questions in all of the threads... what is happening? We need moderator FAQ power!

But they'll probably just leave the questions un-answered knowing that with the release of the I,Bodybuilder forum and the new forums to be brought up within them that all the questions will be answered by some new mods on there, or CT and all the videos and information throughout the program.

I can't wait to see the transformation page! Then we get to assume the people with the best gains are on roids and those with no gains screwed everything up! Then everyone in the middle is probably the reality of the program, so it'll be interesting. :slight_smile:


From my point of view a FAQ always will be a problem. More than that I'd contend to classify by macro folder and sub folders, ie:

Beta Alanine

Fat loss
Muscle gain

Hormonal Balance

Muscle grups
Fat loss
Muscle Gain

And so on. From New Thib Zone to nowadays. Each post of the subfolders sorted by date, from earlier to newer.

I think is better because CT is continuously in evolution and sometimes until keep old issues. In a few months BCAA's were paramount during the workout and now 45-60 minutes before. Sorted by date we can see the evolution and the new researches.

Other example is creatine. In weeks he can suggest high amounts, and suddenly adjust the protocol, and he suggests high amounts again.

Anyway it is a hard work.


What's the deal with the low protein day? I can't seem to find him post about it, does anyone remember where he mentions the purpose of it or roughly the content?


I'm no CT, but from what I've gathered a low-protein day helps your body make better use of the protein on your other higher-protein days. If I come across the quote I'll post it here.


Constantly providing your body with a high protein intake eventually lead to a state of habituation where the body increases protein breakdown and oxydation. As a result it becomes harder and harder to build muscle.

A low protein day prevents that and keep the body in 'protein storing' mode (muscle building) rather than protein wasting/oxydation mode


Would you recommend two consecutive days of low protein, or just one day a week?


For the purpose we're after, 1 day should be enough. Two days is probably not necessary, especially not two consecutive days. But two non-consecutive days might be effective for someone who has a particularly high protein intake.


Should the low-protein day be on any special day? What would be the best day to have it (or not have it)?


A off day


What would you consider to be a "low protein intake" day? Pertaining to someone who weighs 235 lbs. , around 8% body fat, and has habitually consumed 300-400 grams per day, every day, and has done so for the better part of the last 3 years.

Also, a drug-free natural body builder.

Do you recommend a certain percentage of their total caloric intake for the day??

I would also assume, pulsing with CH and leucine (until Anaconda or another Biotest CH product becomes available) on this day would be optimal????