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Frequent Workouts

For background, I’m 5’9 and 170lbs and have been lifting about 2 years. I bench 255, squat 315 and deadlift 345 or so.

I just became a freshman in college, and so now I have basically unlimited access to my gym. This has made me go aobut 6x a week, because I love working out and I like opening up that “window of opportunity” after I lift to eat all I want. I’ve been following a Push/Pull/Legs split since I got here, using one day of low reps (around 5 for all lifts) and one day of high reps (around 12). However, I haven’t really seen very good gains using this program so far. I don’t have specific body composition goals in mind, I’m trying to focus on my studies at this point so slightly improving my figure would be nice (I’m not conciously eating under or over maintenance- although I know that would be optimal, my questions only pertain to my workout). I should track my calories, and I will eventually, but for this first semester I just want to get good grades.

My question is threefold.

  1. Should I even be trying to lift this frequently?
  2. What program would you reccomend I do if I was to lift this often?
  3. If I shouldn’t lift this often, then what would you reccomend I do (program-wise)? I want to work out a lot so I can eat big a couple of times a week with lots of healthy carbs and protein, but if working out less often will do my body better than I’ll obviously go that route.

(BIG NOTE: THERE IS NO SQUAT RACK OR BENCH PRESS OR FREESTANDING OLYMPIC BARBELLS AT THE GEORGETOWN GYM! I know I hate it, I’ve just been using various dumbell exercises - and even a little smith machine shudder to get my workouts done)

Thanks for all the help, if you have any more questions just ask!


first off

"…improve my figure…???

Secondly, you can work out as often as you’d like, you just have to account for volume. In other words, you can’t trash yourself 6 days a week and expect to see any results over time.

That said, I’d prefer to see you workout a MAX 4 days a week. This opens up your nutrition window, which seems to be important to you, and fills your need for time.

Now, with no squat rack,bench, or barbells, you will need to be creative. Lucky for you, one of the single best exercises in the world is available. The pull-up. This is a powerhouse ex. and a complete upper body developer. Depending on how heavy your db’s go you could look into squats and stiff leg type ex’s. While a smith machine is not ideal, there are some things that it works well for. One legged squats seem to work good here. Upright rows.

You’ll have to improvise and you will be limited. But between push-ups, pull-ups, smith ex’s,db’s(depending on weight) you could devise quite a plan.

Now, go work on that figure.

I don’t want to seem like a total neophyte, I’ve used a lot of programs on the site already. I was just looking for a routine with a lot of frequency that focuses mainly on improving body composition.

If you want to lift that often you can. But if you’re going hard and lifting heavy you’re doing more harm than good. The body needs rest to grow.

If you’re working out 6 days a week, I would definitely recommend a split schedule. Vary the amount of weight lifted and don’t lift all balls out every time.