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Frequent Urges to Urinate

Hi guys,

I could use some insight or advice about frequent urination issues.

The problem is transient. It includes immediate and frequent urges to pee. Sometimes it’s so bad I have to pull the car over on a short drive to relieve myself.

It usually lasts anywhere from a week to a month then everything returns to normal.

I’ve done bloodwork many times during these episodes and can’t correlate it to anything except possibly E2 on the low end.

I’ve had prostate checked during one of the episodes and it was ok.

I can’t afford bloodwork every time this happens.

So I’m hoping to hear from anyone who has experienced this and felt they identified their cause. I realize my cause could be different but at least I can hopefully start to narrow it down.

I’m 41 y.o.
Current protocol is 120mg of test C per week divided into two injections (60mg). Been on this protocol for 8 weeks.
No other meds.

This recent and current situation of frequent urination just started a couple days ago.
Thanks for any feedback from anyone who’s experienced this.

TRT can improve urine flow and was one of the things I noticed is I was able to urinate with little effort where before TRT I was struggling to urinate.

If you’re urinating too easily, the cause may be something other than TRT.

Sounds to me like adrenal fatigue.

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Possibly, I’ve been under a lot of work stress lately.

If it were adrenal fatigue, do you know what specifically could be “off” and any suggestions.

Flow of urination is fine. It’s just urges that come on strong and frequent. But no issues with actually urinating other than it coming on so intense that it’s sometimes difficult to get my dick out in time, sorry for tmi, but keeping it honest.

A lot of people confuse adrenal fatigue with E2 issues. Anxiety, tiredness, frequent urination, hampered metabolism, weight gain, water retention, etc…

I would start with an adrenal support supplement and see how it goes after 3-4 weeks.

I’m experiencing many of the symptoms you mentioned.
Water retention: ring around my socks when I take them off. I used to always think it was E2 but have confirmed otherwise with bw.
Fat retention especially around love handles.
Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going look into this.

And lately, for the first time in my life, bloat from constipation. Maybe that symptom can shed some light on my issue as well.
So one is working too much (urination) and the other not enough (pooping). I’ve always been very regular. Never once experienced this symptom until recently.

Constipation could be related to metabolic impairment. It could also be that you’re not getting the proper amounts of fiber and water in your diet.

The diet would be the first thing I would look at while taking the adrenal supplement to get that back on track. You may also want to look at getting a good Probiotic for gut health.

You’d be amazed at how many issues that we have in our bodies are the direct result of poor dietary choices over time.

And you’re very welcome and I hope this info helps you!

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Your prostrate is becoming inflamed, have the same problem.

First while your in the I cant wait to pee, take your temperature, if elevated you have a chronic infection requiring antibiotics. Think 2 months or more for chronic infection, prostate is difficult to treat, low blood flow.

If your not having a fever it’s just inflamed, most likely from high DHT from the injected testosterone.

Pumpkin seed oil will calm that down, a out 5 or more grams a day.

Vitamin E
Cranberry pills, prevent UTI

All help

My first thought was low grade infection. Bloat with it indicates something else. What you are getting is edema, and you should see a doc about it. There is something else going on.

Thanks for the replies.

From my reading, I’m learning that water retention ( edema) could be from elevated aldosterone…

I’m aware the edema and abdominal bloat from constipation are two very different things and lately I’ve had both.

I’ve been working extremely hard in the heat and losing a lot of sweat so possibly an electrolyte imbalance, which I’ve experienced before.

I don’t believe it’s a prostate infection and don’t have an elevated temperature. But I acknowledge I could be very wrong and do greatly appreciate taking the time to respond.

I’m leaning towards adrenal issues or my E2 is too low. Possibly all the urination is leaving me dehydrated which is back up my bowels??

I’ll report back if I determine the cause to help
anyone in a similar situation in the future.

Any other feedback would be very welcome.

The bilateral edema/water retention is my case was caused by iron deficiency, my gut became paralyzed which lead to edema. In the beginning starting on TRT my iron deficiency while mild was still causing minor edema, it just took longer to play out before it got worse.

Water retention/edema reasons while on TRT are numerous, kidneys, heart, liver and iron deficiency to name a few off the top of my head.