Frequent, Urgent Urination after Adding hCG to TRT Protocol

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced a problem similar to the one I’ve been having the last week or so.

After being on TRT for a almost three months I added 250IU hCG EOD to my protocol about ten days ago. Within a few days I noticed the frequency of my need to urinate had increased noticeably coupled with the need to go immediately when I felt the slightest urge.

Due to benign prostate enlargement I have had the need to urinate fairly frequently during the day and several times during the night for several years. My urinary flow became somewhat restricted also and for a year or two I have been taking the Mexican equivalent of Flomax which relaxed the small muscles that control the flow of urine from the bladder and relieved the restriction problem. All good and everything was pretty much under control. Still had to pee a lot but at least my shoes were not at risk of getting a golden shower when it took me a few minutes to find a bathroom.

But now, suddenly, the urgency problem has become severe and I’m pretty much losing control. I’m wondering if the problem could result from the interaction of hCG with the Flomax in some way and if anyone else on TRT may have experienced a similar problem.

I’m 80 now, a pretty old guy, but I’ll tie my dick in a knot before I start wearing adult diapers. I’m discontinuing the Flomax immediately and hope that may help. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience and if so what they did about it.

I’ll appreciate your thoughts and comments…

Why did you add HCG?

Well I discovered this forum about two months after I started TRT with a local anti-aging doctor and the protocol recommended here…Test C, hCG and AI… made more sense to me than the Nebido that the Doc had put me on. I switched to the new protocol a few weeks ago and started adding hCG as soon as I was able to find some in order to head off any shrinkage of my scrotum and testes.

It is difficult to say with any degree of certainty why the increased urination is happening without labwork. My guess would be that by adding HCG, you helped increase Progesterone which helped lessen your possible estrogen dominance.

Do you absolutely need the HCG? (sounds like a personal choice rather than a fertility/sexual issue)

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, at my age fertility certainly isn’t an issue so I probably should just try discontinuing the hCG rather than the Flomax and see if the condition improves. TRT has been working well for me.

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