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Frequent Tren Cycles

I currently on 22nd of Prop/Tren/Mast at 350/week of each. This is my first time with Tren and I have experienced no sides other than occasional night sweats and at about 1 week some temper issues that I have controlled. My question is given little sides on Tren, how bad is it to run at 6 weeks cycles back to back with 4-5 weeks in between before going completely off for about 16 weeks before starting another 4 cycles?

I am falling in love with Tren and am wanting to run two more 6 week cycles before going off for awhile, I guess I am really asking because I do not have access to my free blood work for awhile and my friend is arguing that Dianabol is safer to run the way I do, and I just don’t know yet.

There’s nothing wrong with running trenbolone that way, providing one makes sure natural T production is back before resuming again, and preferably has been back for at least a couple of weeks, and if anything it ought to be easier on the body that Dianabol due to not having the lever toxicity.