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Frequent Dosing High SHBG

Just curious if frequent eod dosing still has the benifits for someone with high shbg ? I have no issusea injecting and wouldn’t mind splitting my dosage from twice a week to eod.

Usually everyone responds a bit differently, recently a member did pretty well on EOD dosing.

NO it is/was never a benefit.
High SHGB needs a big slug of T once a week to bring the SHGB down.
It can take 3-6 months to drop 10 points.

If someone was blasting on TRT with high SHGB would they be if it from one shot of 4-500mg vs 2 a week?

You know I am not sure. That is a great question.
If I had high SHGB I would take it all but in two shots at the same time.
500mg is a lot to pump into one muscle. Then after the 12 week blast check the SHGB to see if it dropped. If it didn’t I probably would go back to twice a week.
When I started TRT my SHGB was 38 now 5 years later it runs between 24-29. I have never been able pinpoint what caused it to go to 24 or why its 29 right now.

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