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Frequent Changes


Do any of you find yourself making frequent tweaks and changes to your routines? Is this normal, because I've had this problem for a damn long time. I don't change around a lot of things, but at least something on a weekly basis. It's usually small, like deciding to add in an extra set here or there, or swap out an exercise that I don't like/feel. I train a Max-OT split if anybody cares lol.

Was just curious if this was just part of your training as well, or if most of you were very particular about keeping everything the exact same week after week.


I change up my reps/sets for my main lifts pretty often. Assistance lifts i usually keep the same, sometimes add in a 20 rep finisher here and there.


Do you make good gain using MAX OT?
I'm using it myself, I made good strength gain with it
but not much size gains.
I'm using a 3 days split.


I use a 5-day split and I've been making the best gains I've ever made.


training wise, no. diet wise, i keep jumping between anabolic diet and carb cycling with a nutrient partitioner. i hate this :frowning:


I'm actually the opposite. My main exercises are always the same but I find myself tweaking assistance lifts quite often. I use them mostly for stimulation as opposed to progress, I guess that's my justification. I like to get super strong on my main lifts though in a certain rep range.