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Ive been training consistently for several years now and am going to increase my training from 3 weights and 2 cardio per week to 4 weights and 3 cardio per week. I’ve read that for optimum results cardio should be done on different days to weights but ive also read that you should have one day of absolutely no exercise at all (rest day). As you can see it is impossible for me to stay true to both rules. Would it be better for me to double up on one day (I’ll spread the two out by several hours) or not have a total rest day?

I’d guess that depends upon what you mean by optimum results. Yes if you’re training for max strength cardio is going to hinder you.

If you’re training for looks and functional strength(not the same thing as above) then I’d say do your cardio on the same day as weights but either right after your workout for fat loss or separated by a couple of hours for muscle gain with minimal fat gain.

John Berardi says a similar thing in his response to the cardio question below.