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I just finished reading starting strength, the cube method, 5/3/1, and beyond 5/3/1 and your books have completely changed my mindset on training. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and thus don’t have access to equipment such as prowlers. I m on my first week of 5/3/1 BBB but I am using a two on 1 off split for my training and recovery.

I know the books say at most 4 times per week, but honestly I will go insane here only working out 4 days a week. Do you see any problem with the split I’m using as long as I am recovering appropriately? Part two, would tire flips be a decent substitute for prowler work?

There are many Higher Frequency training models in the Beyond 5/3/1 book - not sure if you have it yet. Check it out!

The trick to “high frequency” is simple - don’t be an idiot. Good luck and be safe.

there are templates from 2-7 days a week in 531