Frequency Upper Back/Rotator Exercises?

hey everyone,
i have bad posture and added upper back and rotator cuff exercises to my program a month ago. aas you now, these days they are very popular, not for only people with bad posture but as a warm up and pre-hab exercise, they are mentioned in every article.

my question is, how often should one work them? everyone says " do a ton of upper back exercise" , " work your rotator cuffs", etc. but they may be overtrained as well, i want to emphasise these muscles but dont wannt to overtrain them.

i do band pull aparts and face pulls everyday, and rotator cuff work with light dumbells high reps, as warm up. should i leave a day or two to rest them?

Depends on volume. If you did a set of band pull aparts and face pulls every day youd be fine. If you did 10 sets every day thatd be different.

It also depends on the structure of your main workouts. What is your current training split?