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Frequency Question


Has anyone tried a higher frequency using only one lift per week?

For example: training the squat 3-5x one week spreading the overall volume/intensity over that week, then bench only the following week, then deadlift, etc…

Essentially giving you lots of rest between movements. The sessions would be much shorter everyday.

I’ve seen where all the lifts have been done every week for higher frequency, but it got my curiosity going about doing each lift once per week. It wouldn’t be a normal way of training, but maybe a block or two throughout the year.


I have seen a program like that once which had one month-long cycle where you focus on each big three lifts for one week at a time with insane frequency and volume and work the other two on maintenance, then have one less-frequent week and test after that.

Personally I’m not a fan of this idea since it once again takes a working idea of specialization and ruins it by taking it to an absolute extreme.


Are you implying only training one lift for a week at a time? That doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. You can’t completely neglect the other lifts and expect them not to go down.

High frequency seems to work best for squat, and it should carry over to deadlift as well. I don’t really see an advantage to benching more than 2-3x/week, I’m benching 5x but only because I’m squatting almost every day and bench days would take forever otherwise.


The thought process is working up to single heavy set Mon-Fri taking weekend off (nothing more than 5 and not maxes) everyday while keeping the assistance work very light with high reps. The volume will not be insanely high at all on main lifts.

Train the squat one week, then the bench on week 2, deadlift week 3 and slingshot bench week 4.

I’ve never had a week away from any one lift ever affect my strength negatively, especially after working hard prior to that.

Thank you for the opinions. Remember, this is only for a block or two during the year. Not normal training.


I dont think that program will be effective accept at over training .


I don’t like it. If I understand you correctly Then youll squat week one and wont come back to it till week 5 at the ealiest. Just cant see it helping in anyway, seems more like a few weeks break from the movement how its explained.