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Frequency Question (Bodyweight Program for Kids)

I recently started my 14 y/o brother who’s pretty skinny and has no athletic background on tnation’s https://www.t-nation.com/training/teaching-a-kid-to-lift program (6 bodyweight moves, 2x15 each, straight sets). We’ve been doing the recommended 3x per week. I’ve been his form critic and he’s doing pretty good. He’s still doing hands-on-bench pushups and chair pullups but he’s really liking it and asked me if he could do it every day. Looking for thoughts on whether or not that would be a bad thing. Thanks!

If he’s liking it, I think it would be good to let him do it more frequently.

If you’re hesitant, try 5 days and see how it works. I don’t see a healthy 14 year old “overtraining” from bodyweight exercises


My thoughts exactly. Thanks!

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