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Frequency or Alternate Volume for Specific Lifts?

Hey everyone. I was thinking about ways to keep my OHP but push it more like an assistance exercise to my bench and focus more on my squat, bench, deadlift. I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this?

My thoughts are to do my OHP during my deadlift day and to use a 3x5 or 5x5 straight weight. For example like a 5x5@FSL and increase weight every cycle?

I don’t know if I seen exactly this layout before, but Jim has a few templates where the Press is used only as a supplemental exercise, one of them being the Krypteia Redux, free on Jim’s website, but in the books you’ll find some others.

Yeah I was considering doing the krypteia template from forever but I enjoy 3 day a week and my press never goes far beyond 100 pounds. Upping volume usually jacks my elbow up so that’s why I was thinking about just using the press as an assistance exercise

Google Krypteia Redux.
It is a 3 day program with press only once a week as an assistance exercise at high (10-20) reps per set.
Maybe it sounds like much, but with the way the template is layed out you won’t need heavy weights. My press TM was around 165, and when I changed to Krypteia Redux I didn’t need more than 95lbs on the heaviest set of presses, although if you choose to you can run it straight weight too. I chose to increase weight as I felt and keep trying to hit 20 reps. Read the template and what I say will make more sense.

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Look up 1000% awesome in the forever book. 3 day template, two days with squat and bench, one day with deadlift and press.