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Frequency of Training?


Just wondering how many days everyone trains per week. Comming from bodybuilding to powerlifting is a bit different for me as I'm use to training 5-6 days a week but the majority of people I talk to only train 3 times a week.


I train between 5 and 7 days a week, all depends on work.


Generally 4, some times 5 depending. Bench monday and friday, wed pull and light squatting, saturday squat and DL accessory. Sometimes I’ll throw in an all accessory bodybuilding style day of alot of rows and direct arm work


Three days a week. My job is physically demanding, and I work twelve hour days, so I lift on my days off.
Day 1. Squat/Deadlift (emphasis alternating each week)
Day 2. Bench
Day 3. assistance (whatever is lagging)


Sunday- Squat, GHR, Sled Drags
Tuesday- Bench, Back, Rear Delts, Triceps
Thursday- Paused or Front Squat, Deadlift from block, GHR, Core


Do you guys train with higher reps for hypertrophy when doing accessory work? Or do you stay around the 3-5 rep ranges


[quote]kenny-mccormick wrote:
Do you guys train with higher reps for hypertrophy when doing accessory work? Or do you stay around the 3-5 rep ranges[/quote]
Generally speaking, I don’t do less than 8 reps on assistance work.


I train 3 for lifting and 4 for rock climbing.

Sun - Push/Pull/Climbing
Mon - Climbing/Conditioning
Tues - Legs/Push/Pull
Wed - Climbing
Thur - Push/Pull
Fri - Climbing/Conditioning
Sat - Rest

Conditioning could be hill sprints, track work sprints, steep hiking, concept 2 rower or other GPP stuff


I usually train 3-4 days a week. Lately I have been getting good progress on 3 days a week full body. This routine is actually a full body version of the Cube Method I created for myself, and it has been working great so far…
Pause Squats (3rd move)
Incline Bench (3rd)
Deadlift (main work)
Pin Pulls (2nd)
Low Back and Hamstring Accessory

Front Squat (2nd)
Bench (main work)

Squat (main work)
CG Bench (2nd)
Deficit Deadlifts (3rd)

I do a little bit of mobility work every day, and do rear delt work every training day.


Currently, 5x a week about 45 minutes of actual lifting per session so I’m in the gym close to an hour each time.

Sunday: Speed Squat, Heavy Bench
Tuesday: Squat w/ Prelipen’s table between 70-85 percent, chins and direct tri work
Thursday: Speed Deads, Bench like with squats on Tuesday
Friday: Heavy Box Squat, Standing Press
Saturday: Deadlift like with squats on Tuesday, Speed Bench

Doing whole body like this totally manageable but you just can’t grind yourself down all the way in one session. You have to think about cumulative fatigue. I like this for now because you just go in and get your work done and then get out. I only do the comp lifts once a week so I can focus on weaknesses and mostly for some variety in angles and positions to spare my joints. Number of lifts is actually fairly similar each session, what changes is bar speed. I basically have a speed, power, and strength day.

As far as splits in PL, you’re going to find a ton of variety. It mostly comes down to what works well for you psychologically, what you physically respond best to, and what your schedule and type of job allows for.

Like if your a balls to walls type of guy, you might like a 3x/week approach with a different PL lift trained each session where you go really hard on the movement. If you have a lot of time and you like an approach where you don’t have to amp up a ton and just go in and do work, then a Sheiko type approach might work better for you.