Frequency of Training

OK. Ive been searching the archive, both forum and magazine, and cant really fins any good advice/posts on training frequency. What is everyones 2 cents on this topic? 4x week, 5x week, cardio, no cardio?? Lets hear it…

My limit is 4 times a week. I can tolerate 5 but wont make the gains i can make with 3 or 4.

Depends upon the training phase and program.

It’s all highly individualized. There are so many factors (genetics, periodization, goals, supplementation, volume, inclusion of cardio, etc., etc.) involved in determining optimal training frequency that you really need to tailor you split to your needs. That being said, most people here, myself included, fall in the 3-5 days per week group, although I’ll bump it up to six when on Mag-10.

Check the search engine on the site, Poliquin has wrote a good article and some Q&A’s on it. In my opinion Ian King’s Get Buffed book has the best chapter on training frequency that I have read anywhere. In short he says 3-4 times a week.

also keep in mind if your primary agenda is to bulk up, cardio should be kept to a minimum, or avoided completely. Save them for your cutting cycles.

not necessarily. cardio should be done by all - it is somewhat inhibitory if you are training as a powerlifter. Berardi has stated several times cardio should be done by bodybuilders about 2 hours after a meal in the afternoon no more than 2x a week. any others the cardio issue?