frequency of stiff leggeds and regualr deads

Been back on the deadlift train and still doing my stiff leggeds every week on leg day. My lower back seems to be tired and sore just about every day b/c it doesn’t get much rest.
Should I cycle the stiff leggeds every other leg workout? I train every bodypart twice per week doing heavy compund movements on the first day and other isolation stuff on the other days.
Oh, also cycling using 50mg dbol ED with some sust and tren and I have heard the d will make your lower back sore or “pumped”.
Let me know what you think.

Yeh I would try and substitute the SL DL’s with pullthroughs. Are you doing regular DL’s twice per week? Cause that will do it. 50mg D-bol is a hefty whack! D-bol is known for causing lower back pumps and spasms.

Pardon my lack of knowledge but what is a pullthrough? I am only doing the deads and stiff leggeds once per week. I may adjust the dbol to 30mg per day.

Basically its a where you stand facing away from a low cable machine. Take the handle or tricep rope with both hands and straddle the cable with a medium to wide stance. Walk away from the stack with the handle. Then with the handle between your legs at crotch height, arms straight, bend down reaching back between your legs as far as you can go. Now reverse the motion, pulling with your glutes and hamstrings until your once again in the starting position, standing straight with your hands at crotch level. Bend your knees a little to help empthasise the hams and glutes but try not to DL and don’t pull with your arms.

There is a description at elitefts in the Q&A section/exercise index.

Check out Dave Tate’s “The eight Keys,” part 2 in the past issues. I think the pull throughs are explained there.

Also, from what I hear, you better be prepared to superset any back work with ab work so that “back pump” from D-bol doesn’t get to you.

Thx guys.

i have the same problem. the only thing that helps is hanging from a pull up bar and or laying down with knees bent in between sets.