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Frequency of Squats

When following a high frequency routine are there certain exercises that you should not do too frequently like squats for example?

If you kept the intensity in check can you do squats as frequent as say three or four times a week? Or squats being such a taxing exercise is it better to leave them to only once a week and favour the less draining exercises for multiple times weekly?

I know people who squat 4 times a week and are fine.

We really cannot tell you whether or not it would be fine for you or not. Just depends on your experience and recovery ability, diet, supps, and lots of other things.

If you have experience you should know what your body can handle

Well trying doing heavy squats high frequency and find out for yourself. Most likely you will need to back off after a week or so. But i am sure some people can do squats high frequency. For instance many people say dont do deadlift and squats in the same workout, but there are some mutants who can do it without problems.

I personally would not squat 4 times a week, but that has more to do with injury concerns than recovery. I just don’t think you want to be putting a barbell on your back and squatting 4 times per week unless you work up to that with the proper preparatory training.

There’s a big problem with questions like this. You’re equating frequency to volume. If I do 2x5 squats 4 times a week instead of 4x5 twice a week, why would that be more taxing? I think lower volume high frequency is a great way to learn a new exercise.

You’re doing more reps when you’re fresh and can get in better form and there’s less time between practices for your skills to drop. You can definitely squat 4 times a week if you wave the volume and intensity around.