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Frequency of Muscle Degeneration

Heavy Duty never recommended 4 sets with only 10 seconds rest.
So whatever one thinks of any Heavy Duty application/routine , this study is worse than worthless in regards that “specific” method as any results will be misleading.


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Yes, I was quite surprised that Menno Henselmans never picked up on that and chose to argue about something else.

very useful and relevant topic for me. thanks :wink:

I have to wonder about the author’s understanding about the Heavy Duty training system. How could they so badly mischaracterize it?

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@kyushomaster, click the number after the study title in @JamesBrawn007 post, as that’s the link.

Yes, reading through it reveals that Heavy Duty study has nothing to do with Mentzer’s approach or HIT for that matter.

So basically, for an under 50 years old, doing something along the lines of what Jones, Leistner, and others recommended years ago - full body, twice weekly - is probably optimal.

Over 50s more recovery days between workouts.