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Frequency of Meals/Eating


Hi, i'm wondering if it's counter productive to be eating more frequently than every two hours because of digestion. I usually consume something substantial every two hours or so throughout the day but I'm wondering if it's ok to eat more frequently if I'm wanting to gain more weight.

Thanks for the input and your time :slight_smile:


why not just eat bigger meals? Eating every two hours sounds annoying.


I would eat bigger meals, and every 2.5 hours instead.

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This is true. But when i'm at work it's hard to do cause I work in a shipping/receiving warehouse so I eat as i go. I use my breaks to go to the gym :stuck_out_tongue:


well in that case, i think the majority of people would agree that if your goal is to gain weight, you should eat as much as you need to eat to hit that goal. If you are not gaining weight, eat more frequently, don't worry about digestion. Just worry about the scale.


i guess my real question is will there be weird side affects like constant shit taking or anything like that. There was an article on here not too long ago about digestion of food and stuff. I'm just wondering if it's bad for me to be eating more than every two hours


Its not bad for you, its just a hassle for most of us to try and eat every 2 hours.

Most important is total calories taken in, this can be from 3 meals or 8 meals. The main thing is what works for you and your situation.

I like my 3 main squares and a small snack in between if needed, makes my life easier than more small meals


Never heard of it being bad for you. You may have larger craps, not really more frequency. If you wanna gain mass, thats the way to go generally.


Make some healthy caloric dense snacks to take to work. I prefer walnuts, almonds, and cranberries. Portable, doesn't need to be heated or refrigerated. Buncha healthy fats, some fiber and protein.


Taking a shit is now a side effect?

what planet are you people from, asking these dumbass questions?

Do you know anything about how a human body works? Like did you actually sleep through every single class in high school biology? Do you think your body knows how often you eat? Holy shit. What 'bad stuff' could possibly happen by eating more or less frequently? Honestly, did you even think about this for 45 seconds before asking this question publicly?


sometimes taking a shit is time consuming, especially if i'm at work and need to get shit done. I don't know about you but with a shitload of food allergies eating more isn't always the solution for me. My mistake for assuming anyone's mentality would be different than your own. And I guess "bad" was not the word of choice.. maybe i should have put "ideal" and not have gotten a dick response :stuck_out_tongue: who knows.

But thanks for the other input guys that helps :slight_smile:


Well, "thinking" is the most popular thing people here do - more popular than actually lifting or cooking and eating the right foods.

The most common words I see written here are "I thought" and "I think".

1) I THINK that humans didn't evolve to eat grains, milk, and a lot of carbs in general.
2) I THINK that maybe eating more frequently than every two hours (Who the fuck would wanna do this while attempting to function in normal society [socially, educationally, professionally, romantically?!]) might cause me to take more shits.
3) I THOUGHT that if I followed the RFL diet I'd be burning protein instead of fat for fuel and this would cause me to lose LBM.

Guess what, people! Thinking isn't going to do much! What does do a lot is just DOING what works, not thinking of what actually works or thinking of what won't work or does work.

I sometimes wonder how people function in everyday life with the amount of odd thoughts and theories going on around here.

Perhaps I'm a bit shallow, but in day to day life I just think about what I gotta do for the day at work, errands, plans with friends or women, daily workouts, etc. (Family stuff goes without saying.)


Eating more frequently than every 2 hours sounds obnoxious. Eating every 2 hours sounds obnoxious. Surely you have SOME time off of work? Eat small meals during the day and feast at night. Do what you've got to do, but don't over complicate this shit.


If I was close to someone eating EVERY HOUR I swear I'd want to kick their ass!


You guys make it sound like eating is a chore... I swear if it wasn't for my metabolism and active-ish life i'd be a fatty


In some cases it is! Not to mention the fact that many of us would be fired from work if we ate every hour!