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Frequency of Energy System Work for a Type 1B?

Hi coach, what is the recommended weekly frequency for Energy Systems work for a Type1B?

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Edit: I just read the other thread that was quoted and it cleared up some things for me. i.e. use pacing for longer duration stuff, don’t go all out unless for shorter durations. Still wondering if I should avoid “burn”. Is that the signal to stop?

I just took the neurotype test, came up 1b… the discription seems to ring true for me. So this info is very interesting to me. Unfortunately, now because this says I can’t do lactate training well, I want to do it. Typical.
Anyway, I am a little confused where the border lies between lactate training and not lactate training. Is the coach saying for 1b’a to avoid the burn feeling? Going instead for as intense as possible for shorter duration than will elicit burning, resting as long as needed, than go again? And is there training that can raise the threshold where we can thrive in without needing excess recovery time? I have a very physical job, so excessive recovery time is a huge detriment, but I also need to stay in top shape to perform well and endurance is helpful. I think I have crashed myself as described above more than a couple times, but I just didn’t know what was happening.

Ya avoid doing lactate work, as a 1B it destroy’s your work capacity, explosiveness, and coordination. You can always do aerobic or alactic-aerobic work to boost your work capacity. If you want to do something lactic you really only can get 1 or 2 good sets, the drop off if you keep going will be huge.

Alactic-aerobic: I like doing EMOM stuff here like 5-15 sec work and rest the rest of the min. Or if your doing multiple things you can 5-10 sec work every 30 sec. This gets your heart rate up but the short work interval and longer rest keeps it from becoming lactic.

For more direct aerobic work you can do 3-5 x 3 min interval as fast as possible with 3 min rest. If you want to go long I recommend biking over anything else simply because its like doing intervals.

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What I should probably do to get full understanding of how it works with me, I should probably purposely crash myself a few times while observing the results scientifically. Yeah, that sounds like fun.