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Frequency, Not Volume

Hi Christian,

I just listen your last poadcast. It was really awesome the way you explain things.

When you talk about frequency for lagging bodyparts, how do you a apply it working with the four main lifts in a weekly schedule? I mean:

Day 1 Squat
Day 2 Bench press
Day 3 Deadlift
Day 4 Overhead press
Day 5 Row or arms

In case I wanted to increase pec size for instance, or shoulder size.

It’s only for understanding how increase the frequncy without fall in a spezialization program or as you pointed out, not increase the volume in one session.

Is it important the technique to use in that exercise? or just regular sets coould work on it.

In this case if you want to focus on delts you would add 1-2 delts isolation exercises on day 2 and day 4 while adding rear delts work on day 3 and day 5.

But since you are adding overall work to your weekly schedule you will have to decrease volume elsewhere… maybe not to an equal extent because isolation burns less glycogen and stress the nervous system to a lesser extent but you would have to remove at least one set for the workload you are currently doing for every 2 sets of added work. Or remove one assistance exercise for a “strong” muscle group per day to compensate for the added volume.

Start with regular reps taken to failure. When that stops working you can think about adding a special technique.