Frequency Modification for Lower Body

Hi Jim,

My orthopedic recommends that I cut back on lower body work to allow for my IT band/medial glute strain to heal.

Would it be ok to program lower body only one day a week, but still have a bench and a press day? Let me know your thoughts on this:

I begin each workout with Agile 8 (modified a bit to include my physical therapy regiment) and jump rope x500, and 3x5 med ball slams/throws (told not to box or long jump until strain is gone)

PRESS 5/3/1 + (currently doing up/down+ ladder, but switching next cycle to TM max reps)
Weighted Chins 50 total reps
Weighted Dips 50 total reps
Face pulls 100 total reps

Squat/Deadlift day (alternate each week) 5s Pro - was doing up/down ladder, but going to drop it on lower body to reduce volume
5x5 FSL (opposite exercise as main)
Abs circuit x2-4 (strong abs from 2nd edition)

BENCH 5/3/1 + (currently doing up/down+ ladder, but switching next cycle to TM max reps)
Dumbbell Rows (I alternate each week with kroc or strict)
Dumbbell Bench 50 total reps
Barbell Curls 3x10
Rear/mid delts x100 total reps

I walk 2 miles twice a week and sprint twice a week, although sprints are only for 40 yards x10 on a track per my physical therapist. Hill sprints are out for now.

Is this an acceptable modification or do you recommend I follow a twice a week lifting template instead (I’m 38, if that matters).

You may recall replying to a thread I created concerning hip bursitis several weeks ago… Well, it’s not that (which is good), but instead an IT band strain around my medial glute.


I’ve searched this forum for similar questions and haven’t found any. Does anyone know if it’s ok to do the above or should I switch entirely to one upper and one lower in a 2x2x2 fashion?

I dont know the answer to this, I’m afraid. I do however think the 2x2x2 program sounds like something that would be a smart decision in the type of circumstance. It reduces the frequency and insures that you have programmed time for mobility (even though it should be a standard in the 531).

This is just my thoughts, but I’d like to hear the answer!

I’ve been following my proposed schedule for 2 weeks now and it’s been working out ok. For lower body I’m just doing the required reps, however. I started dry-needling with my physical therapist twice a week and the soreness from it makes it nearly impossible to do more volume. Just yesterday they literally stuck needles 2-3 inches deep into my vastus lateralus, rectus femorus and medial glute. The original pain wasn’t necessarily debilitating, but I started this regiment to get out in front of a potential hamstring or quad pull/tear.

An example this 3s week was that I did FSL 3x5 Squats followed by deadlifts 5/3/1, but did the up down ladder for only the required reps. My “hard conditioning” has turned me to the exercise bike sprints - my rehab schedule has shaped my 5/3/1 schedule, and running or jogging is out until the tension is gone from my right leg knot where the 3 muscles mentioned tie into the IT band.

Physical Therapy Dry needing
Bench 5/3/1
Dumbbell rows 50-100 reps
face pulls 100 reps

mobility and .5 - 1 mile walk
bike sprints

Squat or Deadlift 5/3/1
FSL (opposite exercise 3-5x5) - squats always first exercise
abs/lower back 50-100 reps

Physical Therapy Dry needling
Mobility and .5-1 mile walk

Press 5/3/1
chins/pullups 50-100 reps
mid/rear delts 50-100 reps

mobility and bike sprints

mobility and .5 - 1 mile walk

My goal with this schedule is to continue to get stronger in upper body while not losing lower body strength and avoiding a “serious” injury.