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Frequency for Pressing Workouts

1.Is there a limit to the number of days in a week one should do pressing exercises?

For example:
If you do horizontal pressing 2 days/week, you should limit vertical pressing to 1 day/week?

However, if you do vertical pressing 2 days/week, you should cut out horizontal pressing?

2.Is the number of set/reps also a factor? Using CW’s set/rep rule of 24-50 per bodypart/workout… does that mean in a given week one should limit total volume of pressing exercises(vertical and horizontal) to 72 - 150 (x3 of 24-50)?

For example, is it okay to do vertical and horizontal pressing everyday if you only do 4-5 sets of each (say you were doing a full body program)?

Are there any general guidelines one could follow? Thanks

Sort answer NO!!! there is no absolute #. Now your ability to recover and progress, as well as not only the frequency but also the load and volume used. Diet rest etc will all play a part.

One if they did it right could do pressing movements or any movement every day. Once again look at manual labor. But in the context of lifting weight. if you are to keep the sessions brief, a set or two. The movements quality above and beyond quantity. Also avoid failure sure go for it.

Many days, few sets, varied loads and rep schemes. low daily volume takes the place of a higher or equal weekly volume.

No definate answer.

Clear as mud eh’

Hope that helps,

Ah… (scratches head), okay.

The reason I ask is that after my current program, I’m thinking of starting a program wherein I do chins twice a week, and well… overhead pressing is the only ‘vertical push’ exercise I can think of to balance witht the chins.

My program will look something like this:

Chins 5x6
Standing Military 5x6
dumbbell lunges 4x10

Barbell curls 5x10
weighted dips 5x10
deadlift 8x4

chins 5x6
Dumbbell shoulder press 4x12
squats 6x5

barbell bench press 5x5
barbell bent-over row 5x5
good morning 4x12

So is it okay to do vertical pressing on 2 days and still do horizontal pressing on 1 day?

Well actually you are doing verticle pressing three days in a row with the shoulder press, dips, and military. You may want to put the bench somewhere in between that other than that it all depends on you and your work capacity, etc.

That a LOT of pressing if you are not used to it.

You’re overthinking this. Lift the damn weights and find out what works for you.

[quote]knuckles wrote:
You’re overthinking this. Lift the damn weights and find out what works for you. [/quote]

Well, I’d rather play it safe. I often don’t realize what ‘doesn’t work for me’ until the problem is already there.

For the coaches currently on:

Is 2 days of overhead pressing in addition to 2 days of horizontal pressing too much (given the volume I posted)?