Frequency for maximal strength

Hi everyone, I just have a question on training frequency when training for strength with high %ages of your 1RM.
Ive read that a frequency of training the same body part up to 3 times per week is optimal but i have also read that training heavy only once per week is optimal because it takes the Central Nervous System that long to recover.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

it highly depends on your individual recovery factor, and how many sets you do per workout. if you were to just do 2 warmups and then one heavy set near your max, you could do that sort of workout 5 times a week, but if you really tax the nervous system (by doing 4-6 sets) and have an advanced training age (greater ability to tax nervous system through increased motor recruitment, etc) it could take you 7 days to recover.

Another thing that can strongly affect your recovery ability is your weight. World-class level weightlifters in the lighter categories max-out almost daily while the supers may only be able to top out maybe twice a week max. Of course there is always some mutant like Stefan Botev who trained daily with 90% or more of the super world records, most normal lifters max when they feel strongest.

please don’t listen to shiggy, The supra 90% lifts are of Training maxes not competition maxes. Overall though it is highly individual specific, and excercise specific (the bench press for example isn’t as taxing on the CNS as the Snatch)