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Frequency and RBC


Does increased injection frequency help with RBC and hematocrit? I’m at 2x per week now and was wondering if 3 days or even every day would help keep those in check. Thanks!

Increased inj frequency can help with polycythemia if you’re particuarly sensitive to androgens due to lower peak testosterone concentrations.

The difference between e3d/ed regarding peak/nadir concentrations is relatively minimal, the difference between e7d and e3d/ed on the other hand would be notable. Perhaps it’ll help, perhaps it won’t. Other options are

  • donating blood
  • phlebotomy
  • dropping the dose

What dose are you on?

I do a double red blood cell donation every 4 months and it works great, the only problem being I start to feel the effects of the increased rbc after about 3 months, so that last month before I’m eligible to donate again is flushed face, pressure in my head and kind of a general crappy feeling. Then I donate and I’m good again for 3 more months.

I’ve been doing it this way for quite a few years, but I’ve been hearing a lot about more frequent rising and was just curious if it would alleviate that particular issue.

My doctor goes in milliliters for my dose, so I take .5ml per week, which I believe is 100mg ( 200mg/ml, in a 1ml vial) split into 2 doses per week.

Thanks for the reply btw, didn’t seem like anyone was interested in answering this one lol.

Oh and I should note that my rbc and hematocrit are always within range, albeit the high end of the range. This is purely a question regarding dealing with the symptoms, because I feel it even within range of I don’t donate.

@readalot posted some interesting thoughts on this. More frequent injections can mean you are superphysiological all the time (you smooth the curve out and it stays above the top of reference range all the time). From what I understand this can be as much of a risk as having larger peaks- with larger peaks you get troughs in the normal range so you don’t spend all the time “super”.

Yea that’s an interesting point. I guess I’m also curious if the total testosterone would be higher on a blood test with daily injections but the same weekly dose as 2x per week.

I don’t particularly want to do daily injections simply because of the hassle of it, but I will if I would get better results. If the results are negligible I won’t bother and just stick to what I’ve been doing.

Yes, it would. You raise the trough and lower the peak. So if you checked right before your shot on the 3.5 day schedule, that would be lower than checking right before your shot on every day