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Frequency and Bulking Like a Mad Man


Hi, im 19 years old and have been training for 1 year circa, ofcourse with shit diet and routine for the first few months.

im 5'9 and ive gone from 134 pounds to 161 without adding to much fat, if any.

Bench 215
Squat 253.5
Dead 308

At the moment i'm on a 2 weeks break because of some issues with headaches etc, but when i start again i want to go all out and gain as much as i can, and continue that way for years.
I can stay at 1000 kcal over maintenance or more everyday, and even though i dont add much fat, i dont care about abs anyway, before sometime in a few years when im sw000ll as a building.

Ive read about some super high frequency routines like 5x fullbody Stripped down hyperthrophy and the likes, but would appreciate ANY advice on how to gain muscle the fastest way i can (what a cliche!)

Disclaimer; im danish, tired, and its pretty late, so sorry for molesting english.


See Kingbeef's thread, execute his 5-day routine in perpetuity.



you can look at what some people suggested in my thread on frequency


Some decent progress for just one year at your body weight. Good job mate!


Thanks man. I think i started with a max bench of 105 pounds. But ye ofc i want more, much much more!

btw very nice physique, especially arms!