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Frequency 4 Athletic Development?


In a few weeks, I'll be done with my vertical jump program. Now, I'm wondering if I should do Chad Waterbury's Body Building's Next Frontier, make my own high frequency program (from Chad Waterbury's article) or do something like WSFSB? My main goals are to get more athletic and leaner.


Is this athletic development for any particular sport?


Yep, Basketball. I'm actually looking for some 'functional muscle'.

I don't want to be big and lose my vertical or speed, however if I can get bigger but still retain or EVEN IMPROVE my vertical and speed, this would be great so I was wondering if BB's next frontier could help me since it looks like it can build some strength levels up too but then the problem is Coach Waterbury doesn't reccomend any other activity other than lift and cardio (if desired--for 20 minutes max) on off days so maybe I will have to take away basketball... What do you guys think?


I would never do CW's stuff in conjunction with training for a sport.


If you just want some hypertrophy, then just stick to the higher rep sets (8-10). Don't overcomplicate things...


To get more athletic, get better at your sport. To increase strength and explosiveness, I'd say either can probably benefit you.

If you are a relative beginner, you'll make good progress on most programs. I don't think you need a high frequency program as of now. Maybe check out one of his other less advanced programs.

Most size you gain right now will not be nonfunctional. As a beginner (I'm assuming you are) most of your strength and size gains will come in conjunction with each other.



Are you in the off season right now? I would try something like CT's Get Strong, Get Fast, Get Vertical. You will be able to gain some muscle (given your diet is in check, just make sure you eat plenty). The plyometrics and dynamic lifts will keep your relative power and strength speed high, while also building maximal strength in the lower body. The repetition day will build some "beach" muscle for the ladies.


I'm in the offseason, I think I've decided. I'm going to do WSFSB with an extra day of Dynamic Effort work for the legs whilst keeping the repetition method for the upper body. I'll see how I recover since I'll probably be playing basketball 3-4 times a week then but just regular pick up games so the conditioning work will be taken care of.