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Frequency 2.0 Mods

Hey Jim, just wanted to say that I like the frequency project 2.0 but I don’t like that it has no overhead work. I feel like it’s probably an easy fix to get some in there. I also think front squats would be an easy addition and they’re a great exercise. Wondering what you think of this template.

Mon - Squat
Tue - Bench
Wed - DL + Front Squat
Thu - Press
Fri - Squat
Sat - Bench
Sun - off

The only difference from the original is that the squats that are in front of the DL are switched to front squats, done after DL, and 1 bench day is removed for a press day.

The issue comes up when you are no longer doing entire cycles in a week. However, I think it’s probably manageable to run them to be 1.5 weeks instead of 1 for the squat and bench. Deadlift will remain the same as it is simply 3x3, increasing each week.

Since press and front squat are just 1x/week I think running 5/3/1 over 3 weeks would work well for them, especially since they are harder lifts to progress on.

Just to spell things out further in case I wasn’t clear here’s what I mean.

Week 1

Squat 3s
Bench 3s
Deadlift 3s + Front Squat 5s
Press 5s
Squat 5s
Bench 5s

Week 2

Squat 531
Bench 531
Deadlift 3s + Front Squat 3s
Press 3s
Squat 3s
Bench 3s

Week 3

Squat 5s
Bench 5s
Deadlift 3s + Front Squat 531
Press 531
Squat 531
Bench 531

And so on. So per 3 weeks, the squat and bench TMs are increased 2x, deadlift is increased 3x, and press / front squat are increased 1x.

Hoping to hear back from you about this template, I think it’s pretty solid personally but it can’t be that solid if I am asking you about it, lol.

Thanks Jim.

I wouldn’t do it but you are always welcome to.

[quote]Jim Wendler wrote:
I wouldn’t do it but you are always welcome to. [/quote]

Thanks Jim. I’ll probably give it a shot for a few months and then check back in with you here. If it doesn’t work I can just try to original one you have laid out in the book.