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Frenchie's Killer Queen Log


way to come back from a failed lift frenchie! awesome PRs!

I'm with joe - that zipcode deserves a lot of male...


Congrats on the PR's! What a way to start your new log. Looking forward to following you, your highness!


not exactly a zipcode butt....



awesome! totally love your shoes.


I see you broke out the Seuss shoes! Nice.
And amazing job on the deadlifts. I like that you refused to give up on the last lift and kept on going until you locked it out.


kick ASS!!!


Print - pontails may be hot but they are also necessary. I'm already fiddling with my underwear, my pants, my belt, my shirt and my Mp3 player.... don't need to add the hair...

Nikki/Alisa/MIM - thanks :slight_smile:

A DF stamp of approval, win!

Joe- very funny sir. I hadn't thought of that one. lol.

soldog - I'm okay to fail a pr but I refuse to fail a lift I've done before. I know that's the way it goes somedays but yesterday was not one of them.

Veggi - title comes from a song suggestion from Print. I liked it and kept it in the bank for my next log.

Alex- I lurves them too.

Cal - those shoes have Seuss power. I was actually screaming in my head "Lock it! Lock it!"


so today is housework cause it is needed and I am making some lamb shanks for supper.

I am actually not that sore but I did have a feast after lifting. I just need to make sure I don't bust my weight class...


New log & new vids! Fantastic. You are getting stronger and stronger ! Great effort!


Frenchie, really great effort. Have you learned the flapping from Snapper? :wink:

It was really helpful for me to see how you set up for sumo. I really like how you get your back arch set before attempting the lift. Nice!


Bear- you snuck in there. My vids don't seem so bad with that soundtrack added :slight_smile: Fat bottom girls FTW!

Tim - thanks!

Kimba - seems I have picked it up somehow. Kinda helps me get into the zone. I figure if Snapper does it and rocks then I'm willing to try. As for the arch set up, I stole that from Git. I may have spent to many hours watching his deads vids. :wink:

got my house all nice and clean, was about to start on supper when the oven started smoking something fierce. Damn. Now I have to clean the oven before I can get any cooking done...


I'm late to the party! I love how you killed your last log, and started this one with some killer DL prs. I can see the determination on your face during those pulls. You have a strong body, and an unyielding will. A very powerful combination indeed.


Nadia - you have such a way with words :slightly_smiling:

I'll try to reposte my log opening picture. Nothing new, just an intro.


My strong and powerful Frenchie!! Congrats on the new log! Your progress is mind blowing.

The vids were beyond awesome - and never mind the flapping - the tush wiggle is absolutely the cutest thing I've ever seen. You make DLing look good girl. No doubt about that. And nice work on that PR! RAWR!

<3 you doll! Keep up the great work.


In line with Dexter, and you know because I wanna do bad things with you.


After cleaning the house and cooking supper hubbie reminded me that there is a Hockey Game on... Fack! Frenchie Fail.

Hence why I'm back here wasting my time. At least I have a few dreams to daydream between Maschy and Pch :wink:

lamb shanks marinated in Grand Marnier and all spice. Looks like I'm on my own this evening.


Frenchie - cork a bottle of red to go with that lamb and enjoy! Look's absoultely delishious


Yep. I saw the flapping. Here's the funny thing. I'm in the process of breaking myself of the habit. Didn't do it at all for my recent PR pull. I'll just leave you in suspense for what I'm doing now. Yep. Got a new habit.

Absolutely LOVED watching the DL vid series. Your determination really shows. Can't wait to see how your meet goes. It's right around the corner . . .


overhead squat as per request.


fat bottom girls ftw :wink: