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Frenchie's Killer Queen Log

reposte from last log:

So today I took advantage of a planless saturday to deadlift powerlifting style with a full 5-10 minutes of rest between sets. I also filmed my deads for the first time in order to really see what I was doing.

135lbs 1x8
155lbs 1x5
185lbs 2x5
205lbs 1x5
225lbs 2x1
235lbs 1x1
245lbs 1x1
255lbs fail dammit. screw on game head. grrrr.
255lbs 1x1!
265lbs 1x1
275lbs 1x1
285lbs 1x1!!! personal record on deads. Most I ramped up all styles combined was 280lbs
295lbs fail twice at this point I’ve been there for 3 hours. (11-2pm). I’m done.
225lbs 12x1 - was planning to do 1x5 but the load felt heavy so I pushed for a bunch of singles with short rests and resets.

Overall very pleased with this, but it might hurt tomorrow.

EDIT: Just checked my log and the last time I let loose on my sumo deads I maxed out at 255lbs december 22nd. This means that in terms of sumo style the 265, 275 and 285 are ALL PR’s for a max of +30lbs PR. I Rule. I am having a well-deserved deer meat pie for supper.

link to old log with breakdown of former logs

Great DL progress frenchie!

New log! Woot!

Nice deads :slight_smile:


if my ass were any bigger it would need a zipcode.





because we all fail sometimes.

only to come back stronger





hitting my wall


Damn good pulls Mainy. You are getting very strong.

If that zip code should fall into Va. do look me up. I could find a home for it. BTW, pony-tails are hawt.

An awesome gym day AND a beautiful DebraD face in my log? The stars must be alligned for me. I need to buy a lottery ticket :slight_smile:

Git - I ain’t too fussy about the pic you know. Anything with a little less layers will do. I’m thinking I might take a capture of your deadlift stance. a yummy stance it is.

Yay for the new log!!!

What a great way to start it off, great deads Dahlin <3

I approve of everything in here so far.

Damn fine work Frenchie. Big congrats on the PR.

Oh and I bet that zipcode would get a lot of male.

I like the deads and the PR!