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Frenchie's Fromage

What a high it was to end with a Snap-approved heavy squat after re-working my lifts for this past year! Thank you all once again for your encouragement. I don’t receive much of it in my “real life” so knowing I can come for a drink at the fountain everyday is good for my soul.

My very first log back in 2005 chronicled my falling in love with lifting:


I did the newbie mistake of over-doing it, expecting too much of myself and basically allowed life to dictate my lifting until it became a sporadic, anemic little thing.

My second log decribes my glorious cough cough return to lifting, of trying to lift about 5 hours a week regardless of what life threw at me and basically what it takes to create a good habit.

My last log focuses on finding balance between lifting and other things I love, such as family, eating, diving and photography. To keep enjoying lifting I realized that I needed to be doing other things that made me miss the gym, the time alone, fed the hunger really.

So it’s been a year now: full circle and what I’ve focused mostly these past few months is relearning proper form as much as I could through videos and constructive critism. I feel that I’ve gone a great distance in the past 12 months. I’ve also been coming to terms with what I love most about it: lifting heavy ass shit. The heavier the better and improving is my biggest high. This meant wrapping my head around eating for strength, accepting my weight gain and the fact that everytime I kick my ass in the gym I step a little further from conventional ideals of beauty. But you know what? I find myself more beautiful for what my body can accomplish today, and that is worth a thousand whistles from strangers. Trust me on that one.

The angle of this new log is to take it to the next level baby! This year I will narrow my focus on the big cheese: my fromage. I will take proactive steps to find similar minded people to lift with. I want to be the weakling at a new gym so I can get my butt seriously kicked and I want to know that I am doing all I can to reach those goals while having as much fun as possible. So a proper gym, and live coaching is my next step.

stats: 5’5, 155 and going on 31.

Current Maxes:
deads 280
squats 185
bench 150

Current Goals:
deads 315
squats 225
bench 160

grrr! Here’s to another year of falling down and getting right back up, of beating the iron consistantly, of ripping out the corn from my hands and knowing that nothing can keep me down unless I let it.

Let me be the first to say, GRRRR!!! right back atcha.

I thought those squats in the last pages of the other log were deep enough. And what an enormous improvement in them over your rehab period! This gives me hope for my own squat issues.

Yay for a new log! Late to the party, since you locked that one up fast before I could get in there, but that 185 squat was awesome, and depth was great! Love seeing you push through it when it gets rough, especially with the dude with 2 45’s on the smith machine workin his trapz!

Benching was great, nice arch, popped those 2 reps out like it was nothing. Could have had 3 or 4 if there was a spotter there, for sure.

Go get 'em frenchie! I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do with a coach and live lifting partners!

Hmm, I thought this will be a recipe for cheese :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome intro post N, it got me pumped up for ya :wink:

Awesome intro. Looking forward to watching you take it to the next level.

I didn’t eat much at the restaurant last night, went to bed at 1 am pretty boozed up, woke up at 7:30am famished! We had nothing to eat in the house, hadn’t done the groceries in 2 weeks :frowning: So we grabbed some pants and figured it would be a great time to try out a new brunch place that opened next to our grocery store. Well believe it or not there were only a few tables occupied (it was only 9am) and we had time to finish our coffees and STILL no one came over to take our order. Worse yet a couple who had walked in at the same time were served. For the first time in my life I said “fuck this joint” and we left without paying for our coffees. Ridiculous. I wonder how bad the service gets at rush hour??

Anyways we drove a block away to our old joint and I had 2 eggs, bacon, 2 blueberry pancakes and awesome little breakfast potatoes still drenched in fat. drool Our only issue is that the place is very family-oriented and sometimes you don’t really want to wake up to people’s kids screaming and running around. If you go early enough the noise level is tolerable.

So food in my belly, did some house work, including the dreaded bathroom. Was planning to check out the new gym but the place is closed on sundays. We had a nice sunny day, and although I enjoy a good run, yesterday’s workout left me pretty battered. Decided to have fun, bundle up and take a nice walk in the late afternoon sunshine and see if I couldn’t grab a few pictures. Turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. The fresh air and the sunshine - I was out there for an hour, my joints frozen stiff :slight_smile:

Now I’m back home warming up with a nice cup of hot chocolate spiked with creme de menthe. I might be able to handle winter after all.


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