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French Upgrade Terror Alert

News agencies, Paris:

In light of the Madrid bombing, France has raised their terror alert level from “run” to “hide”.

The french governemnt anounced that it is willing to do what it takes and is reserving the right to use higher terror alerts as needed.

The only two higher levels in France are “surrender” and “collaboration”.

That was funny but it is the truth. The French are an absolute disgrace. I wish all Americans would do their part and boycott everything that is French! The French are spineless COWARDS. Wouldn’t it be nice if they needed the USA’s help and we turned our backs on them! I will not forget that the French do not want our soliders bodies in Normandy. How quickly they forget we saved their asses in WWII. FUCK FRANCE!!!

Good post damageinc

I don’t disagree with you, but if I’m not mistaken we probably would have lost the Revolutionary War if it weren’t for the intervention of the French. Of course I could well be wrong since I’m only remembering the details from “The Patriot”.

I guess in a way, that makes us even.

That is some funny shit!!!

I caught so much shit in Kuwait before the war for being half french.(My last name is Chevalier)

Even my PC would walk by and mutter, “Damn Frenchy.”

All in good fun. I’m also half Irish, so I think that makes me a drunk pussy.

Damage–Ranger–You guys are going way too far in the extreme here. Use some common sense gents. So are you telling me that you ACTUALLY support “freedom fries” and “freedom toast”? Give me a break. Do you want to tear down the Statue of Liberty and give it back too? Shit, while we’re at it let’s just give back the Luisiana Purchase! I mean we got that from Napolean.

What gophersex said was right: we very much owe the French for their help during the revolution. General Rochambeau who helped modernize our ragtag army in Valley Forge was a Frenchie. The French Navy ran a very successful blockade against the Brits keeping them from reinforcing themselves.

We always talk about bailing the French out in WW2. They didn’t ALL just give up. They had a VERY powerful underground resistance. And while not one man on this board rates to question my patriotism I will be the first to say that we had a VERY distinct advantage in ALL these wars. There was a big fucking ocean seperating us. What did France have between them and Germany? NOTHING! There was no time to build up an army. Prior to 1942 the American military was EXTREMELY small and while we still would have beaten the Germans we would have REALLY played hell doing it.

Sure, the French are great to poke fun at. I mean look at their little berets! I certainly don’t support the French stance on most anything these days, but you can’t tell me that they are ALL evil little stinky wine sipping pansies. Some of you guys really need to grow up with your us vs. them attitudes.

Semper Fi,


Hey Mike, while I agree with most of what you said. I think that if the USA was next door to Germany when WWII broke out, I think the outcome of the war would have been different. It’s been a while since I studied anything to do with history but I seem to remember that a major victory was had because a storm threw the course of a fleet of ships askance and put them behind the Germans who were waiting ready for ambush.

I could be wrong, anything could have happened differently but as you said, the ocean made a huge difference.