French Press-Seated

Hi Coach,
I have a question regarding your recent article on French Press for triceps.
What about doing this from a seated position as my rack is not tall enough but seems like I can make the setup work from a seated position?
Thanks again for everything!

Yes, there is really no difference. It might even be a bit better seated as it’s more stable (less of the nervous system excitatory drive is sent to the muscle responsible for holding the posture so more than make it to the prime movers).

Seated or standing , I cant believe how weak I am with it ! I am using for the main triceps exercise in a chest, shoulder, triceps day … and triceps is last , but still … such a short range of motion and I can’t handle shit with it ! It’s embarrassing but good too as it’s something new to progress on.

Guess until I do so I might have to go to the gym at 2 a.m.