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French Magazine Firebombed


another link, with pretty stupid PC comments

For the record, they had a few problems with fundamentalist christians too, but it was judical harassment, not firebombing.

To add some "cool story bro" factor : I met some of their authors in the past, including the cartoonist Luz and their founding father, Francois Cavanna.
I stopped reading it a few years ago, when Philippe Val became director of the magazine. After that, it was not far-leftist enough to my taste.


I actually saw this earlier. I commend the magazine for not backing down in the treat and execution of violence. If you that sensitive you need to be mocked. Surely as a Christian, I get my fair share of abuse, but I have never, ever, ever, considered doing harm to person or property. Protest, bitch, wail and moan, but not destroy shit.
I do not believe all Muslims are violent or bad but this PR problem they have is of their own making; and until proven otherwise, justified.
Wooptie do, people make fun of you! For the truly religious, it's an honor.
Violence is cowardice.


This is evidence of how extreme the cultural divide is between Europeans and muslims. Because of the rise of atheism in Europe, they have no sense of reverence for religion. Not even for Christianity which is part of their heritage.

Europe is rushing headlong into a mess that most likely will end in bloodshed led by people who have no clue as to what they are dealing with.


I disagree wholeheartely the two last posters. You have no right to enforce anything on people who offend you. You have no right to be offended. You don't even have to right to protest if I am wearing a mahommet t-shirt (what a great idea this is-selling mahommet t-shirt).

To sifu: The rise of atheism as you put it is the best thing that ever happened to humanity and it is fading away. Or what about the rise of humanism? Oh yeah it suck doesn't it. Better go back to burning witches or whips.

The pinnacle of civilisation that was Europe is getting dragged into dark age by hordes of immigrant from the uncivilised part of the world. What occident needs is to stop the influx of immigrant for some time.


Actually you are very wrong. People do have the right to pick and choose who they let into their home. Not only is it a right, it is a necessity. The setting and maintaining of boundaries is key to healthy relationships with other humans. Back when the Europeans were interested in their own religious heritage they maintained a healthy boundary with islam that allowed us to peacefully coexist.

If atheism is the best thing to happen to mankind, why were the two worst mass murderers in history atheists?

I can see that my comment about atheism went right over your head. The point I was making was not about whether or not atheism is a valid system of religious belief. My point was that as the commoners and ruling class in Europe have become increasingly atheist, the people there have lost the ability to understand what is going on inside the head of religious people like the muslims. This has also caused them to not think about the consequences of mass immigration.

The ruling class are flooding the continent with millions of muslims who they have no understanding of. If you read newspaper comment sections from Europe the dogma that is often repeated by atheists is that religious people are idiots, believing fairy tales. This dogma causes atheists to suffer from the belief that their intellect is superior to all others. This causes them to be so closed minded about religion that they can't be told anything. It is very dangerous to have people like that get into positions of power where they have the authority to dictate a nation's border/immigration policy.

You yourself have shown how dangerously clueless atheists are about islam. Your belief is that because you aren't choosing a side between religions that you are neutral. It's like atheism is the Switzerland of religion. So the muslims can be your buddies. The truth however is that in islam being a non-believer is the very worst kind of apostasy and apostates MUST DIE!

Your idea of a mohammet is another example of your extreme cluelessness. In the bible it says this.

"Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me,"

Muslims take that commandment very seriously. In islam it is blasphemy to make any depiction of mohammad. The reason why fifty people died over the Danish cartoons of mohammad wasn't because of the content of the cartoons made fun of islam. They died because someone had made a drawing of mohammad.

A word to the wise. Don't do it. If a non-believer like you was to go into business making graven images of their prophet and put them on a t shirt they would want to have you whacked.

Last but not least. Although I doubt I would date one again, if you are concerned about people going after witches I'm not the person you need to worry about. You should look here.

or here.


Wow wow did you even read the last sentence I wrote? Muslim are NOT my buddy.

The reason I want to wear a Mohammet t-shirt is because I can, and I want to always be able to.
Because I know it will PISS THEM OFF.

Either they get butthurt(and they should) in silence (most probable) or they attack me. In this case this will stir shit up and there is always the very very small chance that it may lead to less immigration where I live. Why? Because I don't like the way this religion affects more and more my life.

I don't care about what they believe in in their desert. I care when some asshole prevents me of drawing whatever the fuck I want. I care when hordes of poor ugly apathetic fuckers from nowhere go overpopulate my town. I care that they don't care about where they are and that it makes no difference to them. I care that they destroy our particuliar culture and make where I live another mondialized place.

You have it all wrong about what I was defending but it doesn't matter because I agree with you. High five


Actually I misunderstood this sentence. Sorry for that, I disagree only with Pat.


Where did you get that I wanted to 'enforce' anything at all on the offenders?


About what? I don't see where you stated anything in disagreement with what I said. Are you sure you read it right?


Well I guess I wrote all of this for nothing lol.