French Guy Looking for Gains

Hello everyone and welcome to my training log!

Following this topic What Should I Do Now? - #6 by lockalow I was conviced to try the Deep Water program.

I spent the last week on holidays so was not able to start the program and plan to start it in two days. Tomorrow will be the testing day. I plan to start with the beginner program in order to understand fully the method.

I will post my maxes tomorrow and will let you know each day of training of how things are moving, my take on the program etc…

Anyway, can’t wait to start this new program

(body measurements and photos will be dropped soon)

Welcome and good luck with Deep Water.

So first 4 days of training are over. Only active rest tomorrow that will probably be swimming.

So for my 1RM here is what I found :
Squat 100kg (broke my ankle two years ago and since then performance is stalling on this lift)
Deadlift 140kg
Push Press 70kg
Strict Press 60kg
Bench Press 100kg
Incline Bench 90kg
Close grip 90kg

These are after two weeks off so it is probably a bit higher actually but not that much.

The first day of training was painful but also really enjoyable! The sorness was killing me, especially as I work on a bike all day long.
The second day looks more to what I was used to do so not much to say here
Third day left my shoulder with huge cramps all day long. Really enjoyed this session. Had the feeling I was going to pass out on the eighth set of push press but that is probably just because I have trouble breathing on long sets.
Fourth day is also more like a “typical” bodybuilding day so not much to say here. Just happy to be resting for the next three days has I feel like I will need it and am really looking for the next weeks.

As for my nutrition I am actually not following the diet recommanded but a more “typical” diet
2gr/kg protein
1gr/kg fats
The rest from carbs in order to reach 2k5 calories
I do this because not eating carbs gives me brain fog and I can’t have that during work.

So pretty happy with the routine for now. I was used to a 2x frequency per week so this feels like I am not doing enough weekly but I will trust the process and will let you know how it goes.

Physique photos will be there at my next post