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French Fry Seasoning


I bought a deep fryer a couple days ago, and I fired it up today to make some long thick sweet potato French fries. I loaded up the deep fryer with 1 bottle canola oil and one bottle vegetable oil and began to cook. The fries came out great, and I was extremely impressed by the great taste. I ate them all. every. single. one. I added some salt/pepper to them to make the taste even better, but I remember that a lot of restaurants stick seasoning on there fries. Anybody know what this seasoning is?


it's called MSG!


try frying w/ duck fat. you'll never go back.


Seasoning Salt. Loaded w/ MSG.

I do: salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne. Throw in a little garlic or onion powder, too, if you want.


There is a bar in town that has really good seasoned fries. I can't remember what it is... something like chicken soup powder maybe.

Try a bunch of stuff. Great, now I'm hungry!


Well, certainly don't listen to vroom.

Canadians put weird stuff on their fries. Like cheese and beef gravy.


I saw some weird Canadian fries on TV the other day. Looked disgusting, but apparently it is a late night favourite over there. May have been what you were talking about.


First off nothing tops the poutine. But besides that, toss in some pepper and salt for the tried and true taste. Personally I like to use Oragono, basil and the such. Or a Tex-mex style of seasoing. And what is so wrong with MSG? Seasoning salt is great on fries. Specially when you bake them in the oven delcious.


A restaurant I worked at a long time ago used to make Jerkup. Sounds disgusting and my husband says he'll never eat something called Jerk anything but, it's actually really delicious.

Jamacian Jerk powder (about 1 Tbsp/ per 3 oz Ketchup) mixed with regular or organic ketchup. Since you are deep fat frying your sweet potatoe fries I would assume you have no problem with eating the sugar found in most ketchups.

Still add the salt and pepper to the fries right out of the fryer since that is when it will stick the best, when they are still piping hot. Then just dip them in the Jerkup. MMMMMM....


Dipping fries in gravy (only tried chicken) was delicious!


Try deep frying in Coconut Oil. Tastes awesome.


I get migraines from too much of it. Would like to cut my head off kind of pain.