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Fremont, Calif - Boot Camps w/Prowlers, Tires, Ropes, etc..


Hey Everyone...

For a member of the gym I am looking for a boot camp class on in Fremont, Calif. that utilizes Prowler Sleds, Tires, Ropes, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Rope Suspension System or TRX, etc.

I have tried searching the net but not finding any thing. If you know of one, please leave me the information.

I really appreciate it.



Have you tried any of the local Crossfits? My mom and my aunt go to one in Santa Cruz and I'm pretty sure they have all that shit there. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the ones on the other side of the hill have that shit, too.


there is an awesome boot camp put on by DIAKADI Body in San Francisco that they may want to check into.